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International School of Boston
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45 Matignon Road,
Cambridge, MA

(617) 499-1459

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About the International School of Boston

The International School of Boston delivers a distinctive and challenging education in a diverse, multi-lingual community, by pairing the study of international languages with the study of math, science, history and the arts. This integrated curriculum enables the students to experience, rather than simply learn about, the world in which they live. As a result, they become engaged citizens who think critically and communicate effectively across cultures. The International School of Boston offers much more than an education—it provides a gateway to the world.

A first-rate bilingual education

The academic program at the International School of Boston is truly like no other in Greater Boston. Learning simultaneously in two languages leads children to more powerful ways of thinking. Students develop a rich intellectual and cultural life as well as a love for engaged learning. The bilingual advantage carries lifelong benefits that go far beyond the pleasures of linguistic accomplishments.

*Between Pre-Kindergarten and 8th grade, students are part of ISB’s rigorous French-American bilingual program.

*Committed to providing students with the best international credentials possible, ISB offers two strong courses of study beginning in 9th grade: 1) The International Program, taught in English, is an interdisciplinary curriculum with subjects studied at an advanced level, emphasizing the values of internationalism and focusing on critical thinking skills. This program leads to the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma. 2) The French-American Bilingual Program requires fluency in French and prepares students for the unique French Baccalaureate, following the official French curriculum as established by the French Ministry of Education. In both programs, a low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that every learner receives the personal attention needed to fulfill the requirements of these challenging and enriching courses of study. ISB students score highly on standardized tests and they have been admitted to some of the world’s most prestigious schools, universities and colleges, including Barnard College, Boston University, Columbia University, ENSA, George Washington University, HEC Montreal, King’s College, McGill, NYU, Reed College, and University College London.

Why choose the International School of Boston?

More than 560 students representing as many as 44 nationalities walk through the doors of ISB each day. Yet all of these children share two important qualities: a passion for languages and intellectual discourse, and the great pleasure of becoming part of a larger world.

They all also have parents who recognize that the world is changing. These parents deeply value preparing their children to live in a society that is becoming more global every day, while fostering pride in and respect for their cultural identity. They also believe in the advantage of combining the most progressive international educational strategies with the richest cultural traditions.

The International School of Boston was established in 1962 as one of the first bilingual schools in the USA, and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the Council of International Schools, the French Ministry of Education, and is a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization.


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