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Detroit Country Day School
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22305 West Thirteen Mile Rd.
Beverly Hills, MI 48025-4435

(248) 646-7717

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Detroit Country Day School develops and serves highly motivated and capable students seeking a challenging, disciplined, and personal learning environment in a model college preparatory school. The Country Day community fosters high academic, artistic and athletic achievement; develops leadership and civic responsibility; and promotes personal growth and wellness.

We instill the confidence, integrity, and skills necessary to succeed in continued educational, personal, and societal endeavors. Our school community’s high expectations require individual responsibility for actions and consequences, and help students develop a standard of excellence for the way they lead their lives.

Lower School (Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2)

Knowledgeable, loving teachers are at the heart of Lower School life. They combine individual attention with individualized instruction in a safe, nurturing environment. From the very earliest grades, your child learns science, math, computer skills, French, history, art, music, English, and physical education. He or she is provided with life-long academic and social tools to develop self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning.

Junior School (Grades 3 through 5)

The nurturing which began in the Lower School continues, tailored to each child’s maturity level. They explore the process of experimentation, begin testing the laws of nature, delve deeper into language and mathematics, and further expand their creative minds. But Junior School students discover more than the sum of their academic experiences. They discover confidence. They discover personal responsibility. They discover increased independence. They discover within themselves a more capable, inquisitive young person than ever imagined.

Middle School (Grades 6 through 8)

Your child’s time in the Middle School is a bridge between the elementary years and the rigors of the Upper School experience. It’s a time for growth and change, and it prepares your son or daughter for the challenges—both personal and academic—that lie ahead.

An emerging adolescent merits special attention. We provide personal guidance through programs that involve you, your child, and the teacher-advisor in an on-going mentoring and counseling relationship. This individual attention builds respect for self and others while helping to strengthen the bonds between teacher, student, and parent.

Our highly professional faculty teaches critical thinking skills and solid study habits. Our outstanding academic program features interdisciplinary activities that let children integrate the new abilities they have discovered and the new knowledge they have acquired.

Upper School (Grades 9 through 12)

Upon earning a place in the Upper School, you also earn a promise; a promise from that day forward, you will be a part of something special for the rest of your life. It’s a promise that you will be challenged, that your horizons will widen, that you will encounter memorable faculty and unique opportunities.

Teachers, coaches, advisors, and counselors will work to inspire you, and to help you accomplish all that you want—and all that you can. You will build confidence and character. You will forge lifelong friendships. You will achieve.

Graduation from Detroit Country Day comes with another kind of promise. One hundred percent of our graduates are accepted at accredited, four-year colleges and universities.


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