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8th Apr, 2009 | Source : Sophie Faaborg-Andersen , Gabrielle Flowers , and Tara Ennis

ISB is a truly international school, like many others across the world, through which students grow more aware of different cultures, beliefs and perspectives – yet at the same time this experience brings us closer together into one community. Being at ISB, with students and faculty from over 70 countries, we have learned to accept people, not by their appearance, but by their efforts, talents and personalities. With a wide range of sports teams travelling to various countries, students also learn not always to rely on their parents or guardians, thus showing independence and maturity.

International Citizens
Our international awareness has grown, not only from being on Campus, but from the experiences we have had by visiting several countries with sports teams as well as academic and performing arts groups.

Independent Learners
To help students become successful and independent, our teachers are helpful and supportive. They are willing to assist us with any problems we face. They teach us the fundamentals, but let us choose which path to take

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the data line
the data line
8th Apr, 2009 | Source : Kevin Bartlett and John Lippincott

International schools across the world are typically defined as places of transition. With many expatriate families staying in one location for only three to four years at a time, these school communities are well rehearsed in the art of saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. At the International School of Brussels (ISB), for example, 27% of the 1400 strong… Read more
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6th Apr, 2009 | Source : Michael Crowley and Doug Stone

One of the many challenges faced by today's international schools is how technology, coupled with other developments in instructional practice, can improve learning for all students. This challenge is compounded by the exponential growth of new information and corresponding technologies. How does a school decide which technology to invest in and what the indicators of success should… Read more
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