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4th Nov, 2009 | Source : Solutions For Women

In January 2008 the FDA said hormones for menopause mixed by pharmacists aren’t any safer than commercially prepared hormone replacement therapies from drug companies. Almost two years later the message is still the same. The FDA and most doctors agree ─ a hormone is a hormone regardless who makes it. For the past few years so-called bioidentical hormones have become popular by way of promise and hope. Women believe bio identical hormones are safer. However, they are receiving the same hormone they fear ─ estrogen and the risks are the same as standard hormone replacement therapies.

Un-natural remedies such as bioidentical hormones sold by pharmacists are broadcast as natural because they are derived from plants. However, the plants are chemically compounded and therefore no longer in their natural state. They are also thought to be similar to what a women’s body produces on its own. Commercial drug companies also offer bioidentical hormones. The real difference being the commercial brands are standardized (manufacturing quality control and guarantee) and the ones mixed by a pharmacist are not.

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1st Oct, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase Archives

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) does what the name says—it replaces hormones. Your body produces its own hormones, and during menopause, the level of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone naturally begins to drop. Changing hormone levels affect your natural hormonal balance, producing symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, and others.

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14th Sep, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase Archives

Throughout the month of September, people across the country will have
access to an entire week of free yoga classes by visiting The offer is part of the National Yoga Month campaign which is designed to educate, inspire and generate awareness of the positive impact of yoga on health.

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Sonia, I know how scary this is but have faith in the hospital and let them do what is necessary..
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im 42, had a total hysterectomy at 37, but they left my ovaries. now for a few months i hav been..