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They’re Not Just for Fun
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1st Sep, 2009 | Source : Solutions For Women

They’re Not Just for Fun

Are orgasms really so important? Yes, and in fact they are as important to our health as hydration, nourishment, sleep and exercise. Orgasms are a fundamental bodily function that help enhance and protect our emotional balance and physical well being.

Orgasms produce a hormone called oxytocin, aka ─ the “hormone of love.” Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter produced by the hypothalamus at the base of the brain and is stored in the posterior pituitary gland, from which it is released when required – mainly during sexual activity and in childbirth. It induces feelings of altruism, warmth, calm, bonding and tenderness, and a full variety of emotions that come with satisfaction during bodily contact, sexual arousal and sexual fulfillment. It is during orgasm in both men and women that oxytocin floods through our bloodstream, and is accredited for helping women lie still after having sex, increasing the likelihood of conception.

Vaginal intercourse causes the brain and sex organs to secrete a range of neurotransmitters, hormones, and prostaglandins that influence physical health and psychological well-being. The release of an orgasm stimulates the immune system and also triggers a relaxation response helping too alleviate pent up stress. An added bonus for women, engaging in sex helps ease symptoms of perimenopause and menopause because of the mixture of hormones released during sex and climax.

Eight Pleasure Conversions

1. Orgasms increase blood circulation and overall cardiovascular health.
2. Elevate mood and relieve stress, irritability and tension.
3. Induce rest and a better night’s sleep.
4. Orgasms burn calories – and having sex is the kind of exercise most people don’t find boring.
5. During arousal and climax, contractions of the uterus and vaginal wall are spontaneous and usually not felt. They act as a natural workout helping to strengthen the muscles within the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor muscle, increasing bladder control, helping to prevent incontinence.
6. The same muscle contractions help increase vaginal lubrication.
7. If you have a headache, have sex. The orgasm will help increase blood flow to the brain, opening constricted blood vessels that can be causing your headache.
8. Orgasms stimulate the healthy function of the liver and kidneys.

The average female orgasm can last for 20 seconds or longer. The average male orgasm only lasts about half that long.

As long as you are interested in sexual activity, the ability to climax does not disappear. You are entitled to have a great sex life no matter what your age, size, shape, or physical condition. There is not a correct way to have an orgasm, and you don't need to have a partner to have one. If you have a partner, he is probably not a mind reader. Knowing your body and its reactions is the first step toward enjoying a satisfying sexual experience and enhancing your physical and emotional health in the process.

Sabina Eve Fasano is the founder of Solutions for Women, a company that develops and manufactures alternative healthcare products for women. The company’s flagship product Femmerol® is a clinically tested herbal extract formulation used to address hormonal imbalance due to menopause and perimenopause. Femmerol is manufactured by the Capsugel division of Warner-Lambert.

To learn more about the importance managing hormone balance, or if you feel you have a medical condition known as female sexual dysfunction, contact to learn more about female sexuality and an FDA-approved, non-drug approach to help improve your ability to reach orgasm and encourage the production of your natural vaginal lubrication (approved in Canada for incontinence).


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