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1st Jun, 2009 | Source : The American Infertility Association

It’s always interesting when a conversation begins that way. And lately, I’ve been having a lot of those conversations. The American Fertility Association, through our Infertility Prevention education program and our Time of Need education program has been discussing male factor infertility on a consistent and increasing basis. And as a result, questions, concerns and confessions have been flowing in.

“Could I be the one responsible for us not getting pregnant?”

“I’m an athlete with a clean bill of health. I thought that was all that mattered.”

“I used to do drugs – heavy ones – but I’ve never shared this with my wife. What should I do?”

“Before I met my wife I had a lot of sex with a ton of women – and I never used a condom. I figured if she was on the pill that’s all I needed to worry about.”

“I work in a factory around a lot of solvents. Now I’m freaked out.”

“I use steroids to give me an edge – not all the time – just when I’m training. Should I be worried?”

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the data line
the data line
1st Apr, 2009 | Source : National Infertility Association - Resolve

More than 6.1 million people nationwide experience infertility, the inability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to delivery after one year of well-timed intercourse. While the disease is often thought of as a female problem, the fact is that "approximately about one-third of infertility cases can be attributed to male factors, and about one-third to factors that… Read more
What's in a name?
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1st Apr, 2009 | Source : Resolve

When RESOLVE was founded by nurses nearly 32 years ago, they were intent on creating an organization to help those struggling with infertility to "resolve" their family building challenges and to display their “resolve” in doing so. RESOLVE amassed and disseminated timely and accurate information, offered compassionate support via a telephone help line and support groups and… Read more
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