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25th Nov, 2009 | Source :

It’s promoted as the season of joy and appeals to all of our senses: We see sparkling lights, breathe in the aromas of savory foods, watch friends and families happily gathered around fireplaces or dining room tables, listen to songs extolling wonder and peace, and, of course, fend off a barrage of messages telling us that our loved ones will enjoy an even merrier season if we buy them expensive gifts.

With so many stimuli competing for our attention, the feeling of losing control is a natural reaction. How can we keep the holidays from becoming a season of stress?

Stress is the body’s response to any perceived threat or danger. Our reactions to stress are learned responses. In many cases, we react to stressful situations by indulging in quick, pleasurable activities, such as reaching for chocolate. Weaning yourself from unhealthy habits can be relearned in steps, such as eating a “fun size” candy bar instead a full box of chocolates.

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19th Oct, 2009 | Source : Susanne Matthiesen

As an increasing number of baby boomers enter retirement, the need for home and community services is escalating. Indentifying the options available and methods for payment will be critical for adults to continue enjoying an independent lifestyle for many years to come. The key is early planning to maintain your independence!

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14th Sep, 2009 | Source : Susanne Matthiesen

Maintaining independence is often linked in people's minds to their sense of dignity and self-worth, especially as they age. "Minimizing our reliance on others can become a priority," says Dr. Brad Fain, principal research scientist with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

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