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1st Apr, 2012 | Source :

In Asia Pacific we continue to be committed to supporting the ongoing development of a worldwide professional learning community in the form of regional face-to-face workshops and resource-rich online environments for IB teachers. The IB trains more than 6,000 IB teachers in the Asia Pacific region every year.

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the data line
28th Sep, 2011 | Source : NASPAA

It is clear that public service is currently a top career choice for students and recent graduates. An annual survey of college seniors shows that the number planning on working in government has been increasing, and is now over 10%. Another recent survey of young professionals found that almost half of the top 25 “ideal” employers are… Read more
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26th Aug, 2011 | Source : NAIS

Finding a school where your child thrives provides a foundation for a successful future.

More than half a million families each year choose independent private schools. The schools that belong to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) share a commitment to providing safe environments in which young people can learn academic skills… Read more
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Posted by Sakthivel on 18th Jul 2012 03:02

I am looking for an international school which is following Edexcel syllabus for my 4 yrs kid. Not a..
Posted by faith on 15th Jul 2012 02:12

boarding school
am looking for a boarding school for myself the schools in beijing are really expensive and..
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