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Suffolk University
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Madrid Campus, Office Of Admission
Calle de la Viña, 3
28003 Madrid, Spain

(34) 91 533 5935

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Why consider Suffolk University Madrid Campus

* Join Suffolk Madrid for a truly international experience, as our global approach to education is put into real–life practice in a community rich in cultural diversity.

* Suffolk Madrid is a fully accredited American university in Spain–accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.–and is authorized by the ConsejerÍa de Educación y Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid, the official Spanish educational authority in Madrid.

* For up to two years in Madrid, students take the majority of the core courses that form the basis of an American university degree while absorbing the culture and language of one of Europe’s most historical and exciting capitals. They can then complete their remaining degree requirements at Suffolk’s home campus in the heart of Boston, America’s preeminent college town.

* Small class size allows for individual student attention from our highly qualified faculty, creating a challenging yet supportive environment.

* Our rigorous program is equivalent to the high standards set by the main campus in Boston and upholds the University’s mission to inspire academic excellence.

* Receive the same high–quality American education at a much lower cost. Suffolk Madrid’s tuition and fees are less than most private universities in the US.

* Located in the heart of Spain, Madrid is a great starting point for exploring the rest of the country. Our Student Activities Department organizes four excursions a semester, on which you’ll take in spectacular scenery and learn about the colorful history of this magnificent country.

* Academic and cultural orientation sessions at the beginning of each semester help new students adjust to university life abroad. Returning students join in for a fun trip outside Madrid to mentor freshmen and strengthen the Suffolk community.

* Suffolk Madrid’s agreement with the prestigious private Spanish university Universidad CEU San Pablo offers you the unique opportunity to also take courses in the Spanish educational system. These credits will apply directly toward your Suffolk degree. You may also enrich your experience by participating in CEU San Pablo’s extensive sports and cultural activities. It’s the perfect way to interact with your peers in both academic and social settings.

What students say about Suffolk Madrid

As a freshman, living in Madrid has totally changed my life. Suffolk is a community formed by many international students in which each one of them brings their own cultural background and experiences to form a mosaic, making it amazing to discover. This mosaic also includes one of the essential parts of our learning experience, the staff and faculty. Walking around campus you see that each staff and faculty member always has something new to contribute to your study abroad experience. They challenge you, they motivate you and most importantly they make you feel at home.

Lucia Bellossi, College of Arts & Sciences, Major:International Affairs

Diversity is an integral part of the Suffolk Madrid experience. Having classmates from all over Europe, South America, and Africa has allowed me to become a more globally aware student. It has refined my outlook on Spain and has given me a more realistic perspective of the world. With such a diverse student body, class discussions do not solely have an American focus – it also extends to different cultures. This unique learning environment has been extremely important in my personal and professional development, which will be applicable to any career I decide to pursue.

Cameron Broderick, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Public Relations

Madrid Campus
Office Of Admission
Calle de la Viña, 3
28003 Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34) 91.533.5935
[email protected]

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