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Menopause Help
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1st Oct, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase Archives

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) does what the name says—it replaces hormones. Your body produces its own hormones, and during menopause, the level of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone naturally begins to drop. Changing hormone levels affect your natural hormonal balance, producing symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, and others.

The March 2007 position statement of the North American Menopause Society supports previous research, which indicates that HRT can relieve menopausal symptoms but carries with it significantly increased risks for breast cancer, strokes, heart disease, dementia and blood clots. For many women, the risks outweigh any benefits they might experience. This data has left women with few safe options to alleviate their symptoms.

Is HRT Worth the Risk?

While Hormone Replacement Therapy may be effective for some in reducing symptoms of menopause, it is also proven to increase other threats to your health. Lower estrogen levels as we leave our childbearing years and enter our 40’s and 50’s are completely normal and natural. Our goal should be to age in optimum health and do all we can to minimize our risks.
A balanced herbal menopause supplement like Femmerol® is a first step and healthy choice for women seeking relief from menopause symptoms. The herbs used in Femmerol have never been implicated in cancers, heart attack, stroke, or blood clots. You can try Femmerol® first, as a positive first step to relieving menopause symptoms before taking on the risks associated with HRT.

Sexuality and Touch

Female sexuality by its very nature is a sensory experience involving our whole body and mind. There are many reasons for diminished libido, but the disruption of natural hormone balance often causes a noticeable decrease in libido, causing concern. Although sometimes it’s just a passing mood, there are physical menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness and atrophy that can make sex uncomfortable and even painful. Menopausal symptoms and hormonal changes don’t need to interfere with your inner glow, your passion or true beauty. Femmerol can help. Experiment with some over-the-counter lubricates and speak with your partner. As women today strive to live more in balance, we are more inclined to pamper ourselves and take pleasure in daily rituals. Taking this time is more important than ever as you go through menopause, manage menopausal symptoms and reclaim your sexuality. Visit or call 1 + (800) 846-0866 to learn what Solutions for Women can do for you.

 Solutions for Women, LLC one of the few leading companies with a focus on gynecological health still owned independently and fostered by caring individuals committed to bringing you clinically proven answers to hormone balance and a FDA approved  treatment for female sexual dysfunction .



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