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Little Genius International Elementary & Pre-School
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Little Genius International Rome


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Little Genius International is a modern, activity filled learning environment. Our learning environment is much sought after being child sized and interesting beyond the norm. Our education positively includes African history, traditional handicrafts and sign language rendering it both inclusive and international, giving your child the educational experience you wish you had received


Situated in a new business park development, Little Genius International School stands in a bio-architectural class green building, providing your child with the highest quality physical environment available to date surrounded by important intellectual activities from European aerospace and national physics to national banking operations to an important university structure complex.

Our Strength:

Our strength lies in three elements: Our program- which ensures that children receive a balanced and engaging child-centered international education spanning the world in its perspective and discussion, encouraging debate and thereby innovation and openness of mind. We also offer nation ministerial exams increasing future options for our students. Our fully qualified staff - who span the globe without any nationality concentration enabling your child to obtain a truly international perspective with the most important addition of care and wit. Our teaching core comprise of teachers who are class teachers and teachers who are specialists in their fields. Our management - which is client centered with our customers coming first, complimented by efficient information management, transparent school policy and a welcoming approach.

Teaching for pre-school to elementary school occurs in small groups not exceedning 15 children, allowing for a positive teaching and learning environment and a good level of attention.

Language Skills:

Lessons are conducted in English throughout the school with the exception of the Italian language lesson (Elementary program)Â and any extra languages requested during extra curricula hours (Chinese, Spanish, German, Arabic ect)

Information Technology:

Our school fully incorporates the use of Apple iPads in lessons for student from the age of two and a half, as well as the use of interactive white boards throughout the elementary and preschool.


We offer a fully equipped Altay Scientific laboratory, a gymnasium, outdoor playground, library and fully soundproofed music room.
Our school provides children the following activities : tai chi chuan, yoga, chess, swimming, basketball, rugby, fencing, dance and badminton.
Presenting children with an annual series of professional musical concerts through the school year we also provide individual lessons in piano, cello, violin, drums.

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