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8th Apr, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase

India is often referred to as a center of excellence for International Schools. The quality of teaching and education available are outstanding. The Indian economy is booming and the country is rapidly emerging as a crucial world market. It is therefore only fitting that its schools cater to the parents and students who require their services. Here we highlight some of those, which can be considered 'The Best'.


Sharad Pawar International School, Pune is a school of the world for Indian and international students. Boasting a modern day infrastructure and situated in a picturesque valley, it is an ideal setting for students who require high quality education and 'a passport to the future'. The eco-friendly campus of the School also offers students the best of both worlds; easy access to the marvelous city of Pune and, of course, the locality to encourage independence, character and skills in a healthy campus environment.

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