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Futuro™ Braces and Supports
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3M Consumer Health Care,
3M Center,
St. Paul, MN


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FUTUROTM products are a badge of empowerment – supporting possibilities, not limitations. An active lifestyle – full of vibrancy and vitality – is an aspiration many of us share.

We truly believe if you feel energized, you’ll live a more active life, and we weave this belief into every inch of each product we make.

To ensure the FuturoTM brand remains among the most trusted names in supports and hosiery, our products are developed with a distinguished panel of experts – engineers, physicians, and medical professionals.

Our experts extensively research, develop, and test both new and existing products, allowing only the finest to make it to your local retailer. This is our commitment: State-of-the-art intelligence, technology, and innovation featured in every innovative FUTUROTM product, each designed to empower you to live life to the fullest and get more out of every day.

Our Futuro™ support products feature:

  • Warmth – created by their special materials and fit – to help speed healing
  • Compression – to help reduce swelling and relieve discomfort
  • Proprioception – gentle pressure to provide a reminder not to overexert the area




Graduate And Post Graduate Programs
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