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21st Jul, 2010 | Source :

The world of public affairs is as big as the world itself. It offers compelling careers in the nonprofit sector, with international organizations, consulting firms and government at all levels.

The increasingly demanding public sector needs the best, brightest and boldest professionals. A master’s degree in public administration helps you develop sophisticated judgment and well-honed management skills which are in demand the world over.


Public leadership, competent skills, and sturdy ethics are needed as never before. That’s why it’s so vital to have skilled public leaders, smart managers and highly trained staff at all levels of public life.

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the data line
1st Jul, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase Archives

A perfect storm is occurring for those interested in finding jobs or careers with the Federal Government. Many news stories and expert commentators say the collapse of Wall Street jobs, combined with the election of a new President, has created high interest in federal public service. A key element underscoring the shift towards federal openings is the… Read more
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15th Apr, 2009 | Source :

The combination of a new president and the economic turbulence in America means qualified professionals are critically needed in many agencies and departments in the Federal Government. According to the Washington Post, White House budget director Peter Orszag points to the need for hiring the right people with professional training:

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