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Interest in Federal Government Jobs Translates to MPA/MPP Degrees
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1st Jul, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase Archives

A perfect storm is occurring for those interested in finding jobs or careers with the Federal Government. Many news stories and expert commentators say the collapse of Wall Street jobs, combined with the election of a new President, has created high interest in federal public service. A key element underscoring the shift towards federal openings is the stated need of the government to hire new and qualified employees. Some estimate nearly 600,000 new jobs will develop over the next four years and these jobs will need to be filled with highly-skilled and qualified individuals.

This increased interest has, in turn, caused a spike in the number of applications from the 250 plus graduate schools of public policy, administration, and public affairs (MPA & MPP degrees). The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs & Administration (www.NASPAA.org) conducted a poll in April 2009 asking admissions directors from their leading schools about this increase in applications. NASPAA found that 82% of schools that responded showed an increase in applications.

Application Survey Results here:

The main reason given by admissions directors for the application increase is the perception that government hiring will be increasing. Another top reason offered for the application increase is the ‘excitement’ towards public service since the election of President Barack Obama.

MPA/MPP schools offer professional training in public service, especially for those interested in the Federal Government and in learning how to manage people, resources, and opportunities. These schools offer a diverse range of cutting-edge skills, from budgeting, to leadership, to management, to communications.

For more info on MPA/MPP degrees and to search graduate schools and programs: http://www.gopublicservice.org/

To view a video on a recent MPA/MPP graduate working in the Federal Government click here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=43AAB9EA408E00EB


General David H. Petraeus. MPA
Lieutenant General U.S. Army

Dr. Cheryl Dorsey, MPP
President’s Commission on White House Fellowships; Vice Chair

Kathleen Sebelius, MPA
Secretary of Health and Human Services

Shaun Donovan, MPA
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Hilda Solis, MPA
Secretary of Labor

John Berry, MPA
OPM Director



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