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1st Apr, 2009 | Source : American Society for Engineering Education

We live in a time of revolutionary change. Not only is the world relying increasingly on technology for economic growth and job development, but the nation is making the difficult transition of refocusing a significant amount of its technology investment from national security to international economic competitiveness. At the same time, we view technology as important in helping solve many difficult societal problems, from creating environmentally-sustainable development and improving communications, to devising more effective and cost-efficient health care systems. Communications developments alone are leading to profound redefinitions of such concepts as "community," "library," "corporation," and even "university."

Within this technological context, engineers play an ever more significant role. They develop new manufacturing processes and products; create and manage energy, transportation and communications systems; prevent new and redress old environmental problems; create pioneering health care devices; and, in general, make technology work.

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Posted by Steve on 4th Jan 2010 09:17

It would probably help to be specific in as far as which school you wanted to apply for. Good luck.
Posted by emmanuel oko on 20th Dec 2009 06:51

i wish to apply for a school
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