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1st Apr, 2009 | Source : Ian Johnston

In today’s competitive business environment, an MBA is an essential pre-requisite for personal corporate advancement,” explains Peter Oppenheim, Associate Head of School (Programs) at Deakin University. Individuals holding this essential qualification are given an immediate head start in the corporate arena as they already possess a solid aptitude for business.

In fact, MBA graduates hold an exceptional advantage over those without the qualification. The “studies expose students to a multitude of real life cases coming from the teachers, books, research journals and peers. Therefore an MBA student is someone who will be equipped to generate more ‘out of the box’ solutions than normal employees,” explains Dr. Navin K. Veerapa, MBA Program Director at La Trobe University.

“The MBA assists students in identifying different management approaches and how these can be adapted to result in successful outcomes.” As such, the program is clearly focused towards molding students that will excel beyond the realm of the university and into that of the organization.

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the data line
1st Apr, 2009 | Source : Dr. Wolfgang Amann, Executive Director, The St.Gallen MBA

Are you 'motivated and driven to improve yourself and your organization'? If so, you should consider an MBA. You are just the type of person deans at top business schools are looking for.

"Our program is a weekend program for working people, so we look for drive, commitment, and follow through" explains Mr… Read more
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1st Apr, 2009 | Source : Newsweek Showcase Archives

'Manages manage; Leaders inspire'.
So says conventional wisdom. And with good cause. A strong leader can have enormous positive impact on companies large and small. The ability to problem-solve and understand in theory what should make organizations successful are assets necessary to any middle manager, however, for those who are looking to go the extra… Read more
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