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Uncle Sam Wants Trained Professionals
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15th Apr, 2009 | Source : naspaa.org

MPA and MPP Degrees Offer Excellent Way to Prepare

The combination of a new president and the economic turbulence in America means qualified professionals are critically needed in many agencies and departments in the Federal Government. According to the Washington Post, White House budget director Peter Orszag points to the need for hiring the right people with professional training:

"In several key areas -- from properly auditing contracts to providing quality medical care to veterans and reducing errors in Medicare and other programs -- investing in skilled professionals will not only pay off over time but also immediately deliver better service to taxpayers," said Orszag.

What is the best way to become a skilled professional ready to help?

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) graduate degrees give you the skills to make a difference right away. MPA/MPP graduates work internationally or domestically in nonprofits, government (at all levels), private and public sector management & consulting, education, the environment, healthcare, homeland security and many more areas. Right now though, there is a critical need to help the federal government and America.

"I think that's just a start," Paul C. Light, a professor of Public Service at New York University, told the Washington Post. "You kind of look across the federal landscape and you say there has to be more bodies with more expertise, as well as more bodies that can just deliver the basic services we've already promised."
The MPA/MPP builds professional management abilities and develops cross-cutting and transferable skill sets. These professional tools give graduates real world applications that solve challenging situations of all types. A versatile master’s degree like the MPA/MPP Degree prepares people for a future in the federal service and beyond.

For more info on the MPA & MPP Degrees and the 265 schools which grant them: www.GoPublicService.org

Hilda Solis, MPA
Secretary of Labor

John Berry, MPA

Nominee OPM Director

Eileen Mason, MPA

Senior Deputy Chairman
National Endowment for the Arts

Kevin J. Martin, MPP

FCC Member

Shaun Donovan, MPA
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Kathleen Sebelius, MPA
Nominee Secretary at Health & Human Services

Thad Allen, MPA
U.S. Coast Guard Commandant

To see more MPA & MPPAlumni including young alums Click Here: http://www.naspaa.org/alumni



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