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Card Cubby
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Card Cubby: A simple, stylish, functional, time and money saver!

It was early in 2010 when Wendy Krepak determined Card Cubby® was going to be a big success. Within months of launching she had orders from individuals, wholesalers, retailers and corporations. And by December sales hit the $1.5 million mark.

Wendy developed the Card Cubby in 2009 as a 'handy little organizer that would make my busy life a little easier.' What she didn't realize was how many others would find its mini organizational and cost-savings capabilities so appealing.

As a busy executive, wife, and mother of two, Wendy was frustrated by a lack of organization when she shopped which often meant money-saving gift cards and coupons went unused. They were in her purse or wallet somewhere but she often had to dig around to find them and, like others, eventually gave up.

To solve her dilemma, Wendy created an alphabetized prototype and was surprised at how easily it worked. She saved money immediately, finding frequent buyer cards, gift cards and coupons without effort. Wendy felt empowered and Card Cubby was born. One of the most appealing aspects of Card Cubby is the money people are saving by being able to locate the many gift cards and coupons they collect, but often can't find when they need them.

Wendy 's husband quickly discovered a second use for Card Cubby, he found he was able to efficiently and easily organize business cards at networking events and trade shows.

Card Cubby has recently added the ability to imprint the front with a logo or text making it ideal for trade show and promotional use. Sales people and executives can enclose their own business card or gift card in the front a pocket before distributing. It's a promotional item people are guaranteed to hang on to.

In 2011 the company will launch Coupon Cubby. While a regular Card Cubby can be used for coupons, the new product is designed specifically for grocery shopping and in addition to alphabetical tabs, has sections for dairy, meat, etc. as well as blank tabs for people to create their own. The coupon version measures 7.5 inches across by 4 high and 2 deep and features a removable strap.

Today Card Cubby comes in variety of styles and colors and measure 5 inches wide by 3 inches high and 2 inches deep. The latest models have an inside zipper to hold money and coins transforming it into a full time wallet for those who want to travel light. An outside clear pocket can store a driver's license or business card.

In addition to alphabetized cards and coupons, the Card Cubby can also house frequent buyer cards, discount cards, business cards, player cards, important contact information, insurance and medical cards and it even has room for most cell phones, iPods and small cameras. The suggested retail price is $19.99.

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