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CIIM Business School
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21 Akademias Avenue
Aglandjia, Nicosia

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CIIM Business School is the ideal choice for students seeking academically rigorous programmes that are both affordable and world-class.

CIIM is a highly regarded European management school, a global centre for excellence in advanced management education and research. Founded in 1990, CIIM is an independent non-profit postgraduate educational institution located in Cyprus, a member-state of the European Union.

CIIM's mission extends beyond business education, to encompass the wider community, which it aims to serve. The cross transfer of ideas, (crucial for avoiding an insular mentality), from leading world experts, who are drawn to CIIM to disseminate their thinking and research results through lectures, conferences and seminars open to the public, provides a valued service to the business community in the region. Through research, innovative training methods and a laser-sharp focus on quality and creativity, CIIM is making a significant contribution to management education in Europe and beyond.

CIIM is a unique institution in every respect:

* management gurus and world-renowned academics from leading international universities teach at CIIM at regular intervals;

* the exciting variety of its student body - exceptional individuals in positions of responsibility from 35 countries attend our programmes;

* efficiency, flexibility and compactness of the CIIM modular structure, which help save money and time, while achieving world-class excellence;

* a multidimensional educational model which enables CIIM's highly interactive approach to management education, company visits, and frequent on-campus presentations by business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, that further enlivens and enriches the school's learning environment;

* a warm and welcoming atmosphere

CIIM is a member of the Brussels-based European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the UK-based Association of MBA (AMBA), and the US-based AACSB International. Our flagship postgraduate programme, Master in Business Administration (MBA), is considered to be one of the top 5% of management programmes worldwide, having acquired international accreditation by AMBA, and the EFMD with the EPAS Quality Label.

Innovative programmes

CIIM's postgraduate programmes are characterised by a unique combination of interactive teaching and action learning, offering students the possibility of applying classroom theory in practice.

Besides its unique MBA and its counterpart for the public sector, Master in Public Sector Management (MPSM), CIIM also offers specialized Master of Science (MSc) programmes in: Marketing Management; Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour; Shipping Management; Educational Leadership and Management; and Finance and Banking (forthcoming).

Academics from world-renowned universities teach at CIIM

The faculty of CIIM consists of a small team of resident professors with outstanding academic credentials, who have taught for some years at universities abroad, and a group of more than 40 distinguished visiting professors coming from a wide spectrum of countries and renowned universities, like Harvard, MIT, Wharton, London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, INSEAD, Cranfield, HEC and ESSEC.


The curriculum is cutting-edge and thoroughly international; it is designed to provide students with far-reaching management insights and skills required to achieve success in a complex and highly competitive environment.

Innovative learning

CIIM's postgraduate programmes are characterized by a unique combination of interactive teaching and action learning, offering students the possibility of applying classroom theory in practice. Critical thinking and innovation are also cultivated, and our students are encouraged to pioneer problem-solving techniques and be creative, generating novel ideas, exploiting opportunities. The ultimate aim is to foster a new generation of leaders, who will be true and creative catalysts of change to the better, not only in the business world, but in society at large.

Student body

CIIM students are selected on the basis of their strong academic credentials, diverse experience and leadership qualities. Our graduates are in demand, both in the private and the public sector. Every year, CIIM accepts a remarkable number of high-caliber applicants from around the world who value the unique combination of academic excellence, diversity, flexibility and affordability of our programmes. CIIM students come from 35 countries in five continents.

Flexible schedule and starting time

Distinguished also for their quality and practicality, CIIM's postgraduate programmes are highly flexible, modular and organized in self-contained course modules. This flexible modular system, which permits a successive rather than parallel teaching of courses, enables students to be admitted (rolling admissions system) and begin their studies at any time throughout the academic year, as a new module starts every 15 days.

Cyprus, an excellent location to study

CIIM is located on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, a dynamic EU member at the crossroads of three continents. A bustling centre of international business and trade for over 3000 years – about a 1,000 international companies presently use Cyprus as a base and a springboard for expanding their activities in the region and beyond – and a picturesque cosmopolitan island, Cyprus is an ideal location for a leading international business school and an exciting location for international students. With its natural beauty, its fascinating history – one of the oldest civilizations of the world unfolding 10,000 years back – and its friendly, hospitable people, Cyprus hosts over three million tourists a year. For the thousands of foreign students, Cyprus becomes "home away from home".

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