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Program Offered for Minority Students Interested in Law School
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22nd Oct, 2009 | Source : www.cleoscholars.com

Contact:  Lynda Cevallos
Telephone:  (202) 828-6100                                   
Email: [email protected]
Web site:  www.cleoscholars.com

Monday, October 19, 2009
WASHINGTON, D.C. – College students interested in a career in the legal profession should plan on attending various Road to Law School workshops which are scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2009, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Fordham University School of Law which is located at 140 West 62nd Street, New York, New York 10023.

The workshops are free and open to the public.  Any college students who are interested in studying to become an attorney is invited to attend.  Participants will learn about the law school admission requirements and how to prepare for the LSAT exam.

The Road to Law School workshops are conducted by the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO).  CLEO is a non-profit entity whose mission is to help diversify the legal profession by motivating and preparing future law students.  Since its inception, many students have been able take advantage of the benefits offered by their participation in the CLEO program. “CLEO is an exceptional, which has allowed me to show law schools my true potential to succeed. I owe much of my success to CLEO and its staff.  I recommend CLEO to anyone who is considering law school,” states Carols Osegueda a former CLEO student. Another CLEO participant, Alice Simmons, who recently graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law asserts, “CLEO has been a gold mine for me. CLEO helped prepare me for every stage of my law school career.”

Students interested in participating in the program must register online at www.cleoscholars.com.  The deadline to apply is November 13, 2009.  For more information, please contact Lynda Cevallos at (202) 828-6100.


In 1968, the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) was founded as a non-profit project of the ABA Fund for Justice and Education to expand opportunities for minority and low-income students to attend law school. In 1998, Congress passed the Higher Education Amendments Act, creating the Thurgood Marshall Legal Educational Opportunity Program, which resulted in the creation of the CLEO College Scholars Program.  CLEO is committed to diversifying the legal profession by expanding legal education opportunities to minority, low-income and disadvantaged groups. Since its inception, more than 8,000 students have participated in CLEO's pre-law and law school academic support programs, successfully matriculated through law school, passed the bar exam and joined the legal profession. CLEO alumni are represented in every area of the legal profession.  The influence of CLEO alumni in the legal profession is an indication of the important role CLEO has played in helping to diversify the legal profession and providing a voice to underrepresented groups.


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