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We Handle Egg Donation...With Care

Choosing a donor egg can be a wonderful way of fulfilling a family's
dream. It is the first step in the joy of having a child. Yet the path may be unfamiliar.

MyDonor will answer your questions, help you find a donor,
evaluate your choices and deal with the decisions that accompany donor selection.

MyDonor is a premier egg donor and recipient matching agency. Our primary goal is to make the donor egg IVF experience as stress-free as possible. Our goals are to:

  • Simplify the process
  • Provide you with a New York City area donor
  • Incorporate prescreening methods unique to the service
  • Alleviate the anxiety surrounding a donor search

Our donors are pre-screened for health and psychological suitability by our professional staff. Although we cannot guarantee that our donors will be accepted by your fertility clinic, we want to minimize the risk that a donor may be refused for this reason, as well as saving the recipient the extra step of obtaining this clearance after they have been matched. An additional benefit of doing our own prescreening is that it gives us an opportunity to get to know the donor better, enabling us to provide more knowledgeable information to you.

We know New York, and so do our donors. You need not be concerned about airfares and hotel costs, missed connections and appointments, and donors getting lost in an unfamiliar city. We work with New York donors exclusively, resourcing donors through New York college campuses and New York publications.

  Our website,, is an essential guide to the egg donation process. In addition to information about our services, you will find a range of support resources. We also feature live person telephone help to answer questions in a real-time, person-to-person context with our professional staff. It’s just one more way we handle egg donation with care.


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