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GEMS Education

GEMS Education owns and operates a global network of award winning international schools. With over 50 years of experience in education, GEMS provides high quality holistic education to over 100,000 students from 140 countries. It employs over 10,000 education professionals, specialists and staff from around the world.

The GEMS approach to learning focuses not only on academic excellence, but also in helping students develop their character and creativity so that they achieve their full potential as human beings.

The GEMS Education school model is unique in the world because it offers a variety of curricula across a range of tuition fees making private education more accessible to all.
GEMS Education also supports Governments’ education reform agenda by working with Ministries of Education to lift school performance and improve the standards and expertise of government schools worldwide.

GEMS Education has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India and Singapore.
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GEMS Education Solutions

GEMS Education Solutions harnesses the insights and expertise gained from the largest network of international schools worldwide to improve standards in public education provision globally. Our experienced professionals partner with governments to deliver efficient, high quality public education to meet and raise the expectations of families and communities around the world.

We focus on the specific needs of school systems in emerging as well as developed economies. We have a detailed understanding of the common issues facing public education as well as the local issues that are so important to designing change programmes.

We collaborate with our clients to drive change in public provision as evidenced by our work to date advising and supporting Governments:
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Our Schools

GEMS international schools provide parents with schools that match their ambitions and the aspirations of their children. GEMS schools are designed to meet the education needs of communities, anywhere in the world.

We believe that education is the most significant issue in the world today. The impact of globalisation means there is far greater competition than ever before. The expectations of employers have never been higher. A quality education creates both choice and opportunity for our students.

GEMS Education is unique because it has developed a range of school models that offer a broad range of curricula linked to a range of tuition fees providing parents with choice.
Our multi-curricula expertise includes The National Curriculum for England, American Curriculum, International Baccalaureate Program, CBSE curriculum and various other regional curricula.

Over the last three years alone, GEMS students have been accepted into 567 universities in 36 countries. Graduating GEMS students have been accepted by some of the most prestigious universities and colleges around the world. In the last ten years, GEMS students have won over 300 international and regional awards for academics, sports and the arts. Furthermore, all our schools significantly exceed all national and international benchmarks in student outcomes.

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