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Law Offices of Matthew S. Miller
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111 W. Washington St. Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60602


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The Law Offices of Matthew S. Miller:
Solving problems. Winning results.

Described as “engaging,” “hyper-intelligent,” and “a brilliant advocate,” Matt Miller is a highly-skilled trial attorney who can help solve disputes that you cannot resolve on your own. Whether you’re the plaintiff in a personal injury case or a business entangled in litigation, Matt can help. Focusing on your needs, he will deploy strategies to ensure that the results you get are the results you want. Matt should be the attorney you call when you need someone in your corner.

• “Matt excels as both an advocate and counselor for the selfsame reason: his deep understanding of human motivation, reasoning and decision-making.”
- The Honorable Thomas More Donnelly,
Associate Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois

• “Matt is my advisor as well as a litigator. I feel confident to do my job knowing Matt’s on my side doing his. Best resource I’ve had in 15 years.”
- Tom Gimbel, President and CEO, The LaSalle Network

• “I consider Matt the most brilliant, knowledgeable, humane and resourceful attorney that I have ever met. Without him, Renaissance Medical Group would not exist today.”
-Dr. Gonzalo Hernandez,
Clinical Director Neonatology, Renaissance Medical Group


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