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Metropolitan Jewish Health System
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Brooklyn, NY 11220-4711

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Whatever’s Ahead of You, The Metropolitan Family Is Behind You

Metropolitan Jewish Health System (Metropolitan) supports the health services and facilities of almost a dozen participating agencies and programs throughout Greater Metropolitan New York.

Our integrated health system offers the following services:

* Adult Day Health Care
* Home Care
* Hospice
* Palliative Care
* Skilled Nursing Facilities
* Medicaid Health Coverage
* Medicare Health Coverage

Integrated care teams that understand your needs

Metropolitan supports the medical and emotional needs of our patients by offering a wide range of care in many different environments. We understand that when one member is ill or injured, the whole family can be affected.

That’s why we provide health services and a personalized team of care specialists—where you need them. From home-based rehabilitation to hospice, Metropolitan is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for all your needs—physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental.

Compassionate services close to home

Many of our professional staff live in the same neighborhoods as our patients. This helps Metropolitan understand the diverse needs—religious and cultural—of each patient. By seeing each patient as an individual and neighbor, we can support his or her traditions and beliefs in a time of need.

Seamless transition between care programs

Beyond providing quality and compassionate care to our patients, Metropolitan offers our communities an integrated health care system. We have made it possible for patients and their families to move from one type of care to another without leaving Metropolitan. Such comprehensive care is hard to come by. It helps reduce stress in times of need and increases a patient’s confidence during his or her illness.

Quality health services with a vision

Metropolitan is dedicated to improving the quality of health care for all New Yorkers. Our researchers regularly develop and evaluate new care models to promote the well-being and independence of the elderly and other people in need of chronic care services. To learn more, visit the Research Department.

How can Metropolitan help you?

It’s hard to plan for future medical needs. But with Metropolitan, it’s nice to know that whatever health need or emergency arises, we are here to help you or a loved one. Call Metropolitan at (718) 921-7601 today to request more information.


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