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There’s nobody like you – but you already know that.

What you might not realize is that if you have a substance-abuse problem, you require a treatment program that suits your individualized needs to achieve freedom and success. That’s precisely the kind of care Gateway Rehab offers to those on journeys to recovery.

And while your problem truly is your unique problem, it’s no secret that substance abuse and alcoholism know no boundaries. Addiction can affect any age group and can inflict itself on any walk of life. But regardless of dependency or circumstance, there’s hope and help for lasting recovery.

“The biggest obstacle to an individual’s recovery is denial,” points out Neil A. Capretto, DO, FASAM, Corporate Medical Director of Gateway Rehab and its Ohio subsidiary the Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic. Gateway Rehab, a private, not-for profit organization, is nationally recognized for its treatment, prevention, education and research efforts focused on chemical dependency.

“Addiction is a powerful and chronic condition. It’s important for the patient to receive a treatment program that provides individualized tools to foster his or her own lifelong recovery,” notes President and CEO Kenneth S. Ramsey, Ph.D. “That’s where Gateway Rehab’s treatment is key. Each program is tailored to meet the patient’s needs.”

Gateway Rehab’s multi-faceted program delivers exceptional results for adolescents, adults and their families.

  • The residential treatment program is designed to help each patient make a complete break from daily temptations while building the groundwork for the behavioral and attitudinal changes necessary to sustain the gains achieved.
  • Acute care, what most people refer to as “detox,” takes place in medical stabilization units.
  • Males who complete inpatient treatment have access to halfway houses where they are assisted in transitioning back to functioning successfully in the community and workplace.
  • Female patients receive specialized services, participate in group and individual activities and find a quiet, peaceful haven in which to reflect and recover.
  • Outpatient services provide intervention and guidance from counselors who are highly trained to recognize the warning signs of backsliding.

Twelve-step recovery is incorporated into every program.

If a patient has a reliable circle of support, counseling is offered to teach family members how to encourage their loved one’s recovery and help mend the damage resulting from drug use and alcoholism.

“Psychological and spiritual approaches also are important,” emphasizes Dr. Capretto. “To understand the broader scope of addiction is to understand it is not only a disease of brain cells. The total human being is a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual creature, who will require help in all those areas.”

Gateway Rehab also is working to improve integrated care for patients with the dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health problems.

“We take a holistic approach to battling addiction—from preventive education, to medically assisted recovery, to innovative treatment techniques based on research,” affirms Dr. Ramsey. “At Gateway Rehab, hope for real recovery truly has a home.”

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