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Consumer Credit USA, Inc.
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11711 Woodruff Ave.
Suite #100
Downey, CA 90241


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Consumer Credit USA is a non-profit credit counseling organization BSI ISO-9001–2000 accredited agency, and member of the Better Business Bureau committed in helping consumers experiencing difficulties with their credit card debt, personal loans, medical bills and/or collections. 

Certified Credit Counselors work with you to analyze your finances and debt,    based on this information you are presented with options and strategies.   Counselors are certified by the National Institute for Financial Education.

The Agency’s debt management program, in cooperation with creditors, consolidates your unsecured debt into a single lower monthly payment.   Benefits may include lowering your interest, waiving late fees, over the limit fees, and re-aging your credit reports.

Consumer Credit USA provides free education to the public through interactive and
delivery methods on personal finance topics useful to consumers. 

Consumer Credit USA counselors must provide credit counseling services tailored to
the specific needs and circumstances of each consumer. 

Counselors interview clients about their budget and finances, discussing topics including their employment, buying habits, significant expenditures, and any significant past or anticipated changes in their earnings, assets expenses and liabilities, including the reason or cause for those changes.

Based on this information, counselors develop and present clients a number of options and strategies for addressing their debt problems such as maintaining a budget, establishing debt management payment plans with creditors, negotiating directly with creditors on payment or interest rate relief.

Counselors will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options with clients and will make recommendations of which option is best suited to meet the client’s individual needs, goals and circumstances.

Whether you have fallen behind on your payments, are receiving collection letters, have high interest rates or have questions regarding your credit report, please give us a call, our counselors will guide you or provide you with referrals  to other organizations for
appropriate support services, such as employment, training and psychological counseling.


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