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5th Jun, 2009 | Source : The United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA)

The United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) is the oldest active trade association in the debt settlement industry. USOBA acts as a regulatory entity for USOBA members. Debt settlement companies join USOBA in order to learn the latest rules, regulations, trends and compliance standards in the debt settlement industry. We actively monitor our members for compliance and we created the first accreditation program in the debt settlement industry. This pioneer program requires companies to submit to yearly internal audits to ensure compliance with the best practice standards in the debt settlement industry. BSI Management Systems performs the third-party audit and presents a certificate of completion after the member company successfully completes the requirements for the accreditation.

USOBA is a great resource for consumers looking to engage the services of an accredited debt settlement agency. Consumers should keep in mind that debt settlement is not the right solution for every unique debt situation, but with the assistance of an accredited USOBA member company, the consumer will be able to navigate the decision from a place of knowledge.

The largest directive USOBA has, second to promoting good industry practices, is advocating for appropriate legislation that would ensure regulation and airtight consumer protection. USOBA believes that industry regulation is paramount to preserving the industry and the debt relief choice for consumers in an environment that harbors and promotes consumer protection. Given that debt settlement is still widely unregulated, consumers are in even greater need for a resource like USOBA to point them in the direction of a legitimate, accredited agency.

USOBA hosts two industry-wide conferences each year and welcomes regulators, legislators and other industry experts who present pertinent and timely material to attendees. Our conferences provide a platform for presenters to share important knowledge about sales and marketing compliance, state law regulations, various aspects of the day-to-day operations within each company and much more. The conferences also foster an environment for making lasting contacts, meeting with industry vendors and sharing personal and professional experiences within the industry. Our conferences are open to USOBA members and non-members like.

As USOBA has grown to over 160 member companies, we have answered the call for self regulation by instituting the USOBA Audit Compliance Program (UCAP). Through this program, USOBA monitors the initial consumer inquiry phone calls to ensure strict adherence to USOBA’s sales call requirements. These requirements include numerous disclosures that must be made to an inquiring consumer and they help the potential client more fully understand all aspects of the debt settlement program.
USOBA also requires a membership agreement whereby USOBA verifies that certain elements are in place and complied with during each phase of the debt settlement process. These requirements, coupled with the accreditation program, have set the bar very high in the debt settlement industry. It is vitally important for companies to participate in an organization that elevates the expectations and performance of its member companies.



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Posted by Karen E. on 14th Aug 2009 10:07
this is a great service. I know that many are struggling right now and to know that we dont have to live under a mountain of debt is relieving
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