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CFI/Worldco is Your Source for Financing Worldwide

CFI/Worldco Inc. and its affiliates have over 50 years of combined experience in International and Domestic Financial consulting and have enjoyed noteworthy success over the past several years. We believe this is due to a highly developed sense of discipline and ability to adapt to the changes of a World-wide economy.

CFI/WORLDCO INC. has traditionally operated within the lower to middle-market commercial finance industry through four successful business divisions:

Commercial Real Estate

CFI/WORLDCO INC.'s Commercial Real Estate Division specializes in procuring credit oriented real estate financing which includes commercial properties, credit anchored retail, hotels/hospitality properties, multi-family/residential complexes and construction and development.

We serve the commercial real estate industry and have positioned ourselves as financial consultants for middle market companies. This is essential for the real estate market of the future where many other lenders have exited from commercial real estate finance. CFI/WORLDCO INC. consults Domestically and Internationally and prefers transactions in the $5 million to $100 million dollar range, although we may participate with larger amounts on a restricted basis.

Commercial lending standards are such that proven cash flows are heavily weighed to determine the financial stability of the project. In addition, future cash flows are taken into consideration to assess the potential value of that project. This is evaluated on discounted basis to derive the Net Present Value.

While other consulting firms are absent from the commercial real estate market, CFI/WORLDCO INC. remains committed to offering reliable service-oriented solutions in proven real estate niches.

Corporate Finance

CFI/WORLDCO INC.'s Corporate Finance Division services clientele in a broad range of industries. The financing programs are typically utilized for the following: Refinancing, Management Buy-Outs, Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBO's), Recapitalization, Corporate Divesture and Mergers and Acquisitions. Through our extensive affiliations with various Securities Firms we can arrange for Private Placements of Equity or Debt, Venture Capital, Initial Public Offerings (IPO's) and Reverse Mergers into a public entity. These services can be performed on both an international and domestic level.

Underwriting standards are such that existing and projected cash flows must surpass the required debt service coverage that will be placed into your particular project. Prospective clients should be well established in business with experienced management teams and participate in specific and known industries or products.

International Finance

Over the past few years, a Global economy has emerged and is reshaping the structure of modern-day capitalism and finance. The International Finance Division has also emerged with this rapid pace of change and is actively pursuing the developments and building of countries other than our own. We strongly believe that tapping into this market will assure continued success and will evolve into unlimited opportunities for those who take action abroad.

Through years of experience, our team has developed strong relationships with several key Institutions over-seas, providing a continuous and on-going source of funds for land development, infrastructure, and business concerns in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. We also have exceptional resources in the Caribbean and take special interest in projects in that part of the world.

Using creative financial strategies, we are able to offer several financial programs tailored to your specific financial needs and project. These programs are designed to create a safe investment vehicle for Institutional Investors to partake in, diversifying their capital base. The structure of financing used is designed to provide a strong capital base for your venture and to strengthen cash flows to provide continued growth, expansion and the ability to grasp new opportunities as they present themselves. In essence, we provide assistance in building promising futures for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow or expand their resources.

Additional Services and Consulting

Only Corporations and Individuals that can afford to finance the efforts in raising capital should undertake the effort. The term "the costs of doing business" is truer now than ever before in this industry. Raising capital will usually require the hiring or retention of a number of consultants, professionals, and advisors to assist in your success. This usually leads to the question of "who, when, and how will they help me? CFI/WORLDCO INC., through utilizing our relations with our corresponding Professional Associates, major Securities Firms, Law Firms, International Banks, and Venture Capitalists and Pension portfolios, provide flexible, customized service to companies pursuing capital formation. CFI/WORLDCO INC. will design, in conjunction with our team of industry professionals, a program that will increase your chance of raising your required capital in the private, commercial or public markets.

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