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Institute for Image-Guided Radiotherapy
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A widely respected pioneer in the field of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Daniel E. Fass has helped patients live fuller lives for over 20 years. During his tenure at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, he led a clinical team that was the first to introduce and use 3-dimensional radiation therapy. His published works include the first report on 3-D RT in the treatment of head and neck cancer. In 1992, Dr. Fass was named Director of Radiation Oncology at Greenwich Hospital. He took this opportunity to institute the first 3-D RT program in Connecticut and further raised the level of care by bringing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy to the hospital.

Today, he continues to use advanced and innovative ways to treat cancer at his new state of the art facility located in Westchester County, called the Institute for Image-Guided RadioTherapy. Dr. Fass and his highly trained staff, strive to make this “patient-centric” facility a warm and inviting place to visit. Most importantly, they offer and operate the most cutting edge radiation treatment technology available, the TomoTherapy HI-ART treatment system. This allows their patients to get out the door and back to their lives without missing a beat. “We chose to locate our institute in Rye, in order to make the new TomoTherapy treatment more readily available to patients in Fairfield and Westchester counties. Also, a physician owned practice has its benefits. There just isn’t that level of red tape. Here, you feel like you can accomplish what you became a doctor to do, help patients” said Dr. Fass.

The TomoTherapy Hi-ART treatment system delivers tens of thousands of beamlets with unparalleled accuracy, allowing doctors to use higher doses of radiation to eliminate cancer without damaging healthy tissue. Utilizing a revolutionary helical delivery, TomoTherapy rotates 360 degrees around your body and approaches the tumors from every angle. As a result, energy levels are preserved and the chance of side effects is greatly reduced. Thanks to a built-in CT scan, oncologists can view a 3-D image of the tumor and re-aim the beam to within 2 millimeters before each treatment. This is important because organs and tumors can sometimes move in between treatments. So unlike conventional radiation treatment therapy, your physician can constantly monitor your progress and make refinements, ensuring efficient and effective treatments
“While there is a five-year requirement to measure success, we anticipate a cure rate in the range of 90 to 95 percent for prostate patients with this new more advanced technology.” says Dr. Fass.
So far so good. Patients that have visited Dr. Fass have left the Institute for Image-Guided RadioTherapy surprised and delighted. “I didn’t even know I was being treated, I felt nothing from beginning to end. I joke this is a scam. I’m totally relaxed.” Said Andrew Fenning who was treated for prostate cancer. During his nine-week treatment, he was able to continue running, golfing, swimming and biking. Live life on your own terms.


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