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"Breakout Company" - Inc. magazine called NakedPizza that in June 2010. The company has attracted international attention for making one of the world's most popular and unhealthy fast foods, tasty and healthier - demonstrating, by example, that fast food can be part of the solution in the global epidemic of obesity and chronic disease attributable to diet and lifestyle.

NakedPizza's business case - a tightly focused, disciplined operational model based on the $22 billion carryout and delivery pizza model - has attracted the backing of billionaires Mark Cuban and Robert Kraft and more than 4000 franchising inquiries, resulting in the awarding of more than 300 units to highly accomplished area developers, including experienced multi-unit operators. NakedPizza forecasts to have 400 to 500 units under contract by the end of 2010.

NakedPizza's strategy is built on a number of key indicators that favor the recession-stung, post-mass media business environment.

  • Carryout and delivery is a multi-billion dollar, proven business model. NakedPizza is further operationally disciplined through precise point of sale technology, tight inventory and labor controls and efficient marketing.
  • Pizza is regarded as a value - satisfying, universally known, loved and priced right for this economic climate.
  • Social Media usage has risen exponentially, allowing for the most cost-effective outreach. Few companies can use social media effectively - NakedPizza is recognized as a world leader in social media usage.
  • Interest in healthy food options is on the rise. But customers do not want to be lectured to and need to be met half way. Carryout and delivery pizza is the perfect connection.
  • Online, mobile-based ordering is emerging as the preferred means of ordering a pizza, offering amazing efficiencies and up-sell opportunities. Our customers are more inclined toward online ordering.
  • Women control the spending in the household, especially one that includes children.
  • Women love our healthier pizza and actively share their affection with others in their network.
  • Studies prove that people are more loyal to companies with a powerful social mission and that act with authenticity. Check and check.

We vet inquiries carefully - entering into an agreement with an area developer is a partnership that involved sharing our carefully crafted mission and brand. From the thousands of inquiries, we've selected a short-list of people who have the resources and full grasp of our mission. In our model, our operational discipline and the mission are inseparable.

We have prime West Coast territories available. San Diego and Orange Counties are spoken for. Los Angeles is under a letter of intent and a long list of inquiries have come in from San Francisco, Phoenix and the Pacific Northwest. We move fast when there's no reason to dawdle and we're patient in finding the right moment and people. In short, we understand what success looks like.

If you have the resources and sense of mission to join us, we invite you to contact us -

One last thought from a recent article on Triple Pundit:

"NakedPizza shows that fast food doesn't have to be soul-less and terrible...Marry a deep mission, social responsibility, a no-bullshit approach to sustainability with conscious business and fair, unapologetic profitability. Change the way people eat, rock a food industry that abandoned its primary responsibility decades ago, including an opportunistic, often predatory and health-destroying fast food industry. Reinvent franchising while you're at it. Hell, why not just change the whole business paradigm? A paralyzing global recession seems like as good a time as any to reset the whole damn thing so that the most talented people can contribute to wealth and job creation in ways that benefit society rather than diminish it...These guys aren't just turning pizza on its head, they're turning business on its head too."

We look forward to hearing from you.



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