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SolBridge International School of Business
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SolBridge International School of Business,
Woosong Educational Foundation,
151-13 Samsung 1-Dong, Dong-gu,
Daejeon 300-814,
Republic of Korea.

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With its promise of “Educating the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders,” the SolBridge International School of Business reflects South Korea’s tenacity, innovation, and determination to be the Asian center of excellence in global business education. Recently chosen as one of the top institutions of higher education in the nation, the school has become a global business education leader in Asian management with a unique Korean touch.

What exactly is a “thought leader?” The term itself is comprised of five elements, each critical in meeting the demands in today’s ever-changing business world: Global Perspective, Asian Expertise, Creative Management Foundation, Cross-cultural Competence and Social Responsibility. Together, these five elements form the foundation of SolBridge’s global business vision from which the school’s five pillars—curriculum, faculty, students, infrastructure, and network—prepare students for the business world—both regionally and globally.

Preparing Asia’s next generation of thought leaders begins, obviously with the school’s intense four-term yearly program which allows students to complete their degrees in a shorter period of time. Additionally, students receive credit for the school’s highly successful and important mentor-mentee program that provides both support and guidance for students as well as synergy with faculty. Besides the school’s multi-cultural environment—comprised of students from thirty-three countries (2011 figures)—its undergraduate and graduate programs are modeled after American schools, with classes taught entirely in English by an international faculty from fifteen countries.

Together with its world-class facilities and state of the art technology, including Blackboard™, the school’s contemporary learning environment is further enhanced through the school’s infrastructure and network pillars that completes the unique global educational experience students have studying at SolBridge. To be sure, this unique global education experience at SolBridge manifests itself in several ways. For example, SolBridge’s Corporate Advisory Council, a group of senior executives based in China, India, Korea, and the United States, helps to ensure students are well-prepared for the business world by sharing their in-depth experiences of operations throughout Asia. Likewise, the school’s International Distinguished Speakers Series and the Platinum Lecture Series, which have brought renowned scholars and business leaders to SolBridge, give students a global perspective of current issues and trends pertinent in today’s business world. It is an exclusive opportunity for students to learn from professionals from the global business community on business practices and principles as well as CEOs of leading companies about their insights into the society, economy, and business world.

Moreover, by partnering with prestigious institutions such as the Georgia Technical Institute, the University of California, Berkeley, Marshall University, and George Mason have extended SolBridge’s global reach and vision. Additionally, the school fosters corporate relationships with major Korean companies through their Friends of SolBridge network, which provides numerous job opportunities for students.

Combining innovation with globalization, the SolBridge International School of Business is a rising star among business schools in Asia. It has proven itself to be a global business education leader in Asian management as it educates the next generation of Asian thought leaders.

—Jeffrey Miller, a lecturer at Solbridge and the author of War Remains


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