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Multi-Financial Securities Corp
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Ocean, NJ 07755

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Mission Statement

  • Educate clients in the options that are available to them.
  • Create and implement strategies that clients understand.
  • Execute a disciplined process to support clients with the confidence needed to promote a successful long term outcome.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

Assisting clients in understanding where they are today can be critical in setting attainable financial and personal goals for the future. We know your hopes and dreams include sending your children to the right schools, a comfortable retirement, and financial security late in life. We are a Wealth Management firm assisting our clients in negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life. Our team has the experience to design clear strategies that help you pursue these important goals. Ultimately, our greatest impact may be the confidence that comes with working with an Advisor that will educate his clients in the options that are available, and implement those strategies in simple and easy to understand terms.

A resident of the Monmouth County since 1968, Dan is a graduate of Monmouth University, West Long Branch, with a BS in Psychology. In 1999 Dan recognized the need for personalized investment advice by employees of the small business pension plan market. As a result he set about crafting a solution for this underserved population which has been recognized and well received by the owners of the small business community. Dan specializes in delivering ‘Wealth Management’ solutions to a growing affluent population. His customizable six step process designs and implements clear strategies that increase the probability of long term financial security in life.

His twenty years as a trader in the U.S. Treasury markets for firms including Garban LLC and Cantor Fitzgerald has provided him with an immense and diverse experience in the global capital markets.

Today Dan delivers his consulting process to clients by designing and implementing sound strategies for achieving their wealth management and preservation goals while collaborating with their other key advisors [i.e.; accountants and attorneys].

Dan has also been recognized by the following publications as a “FIVE STAR Wealth Manager” in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Monthly Magazine [Jan 2011 issue] listing of "Five Star Wealth Managers" is a prestigious recognition of the top two percent of Wealth Managers in the state.....Click here



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Distance Learning
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