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Own the Bone™ - Steps Patients Can Take to Defeat Osteoporosis, the Silent Killer
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28th Jul, 2009 | Source : American Orthopaedic Association (AOA)

The American Bone Health Prevalence Report states that more people in the United States suffer a fragility fracture each year than are diagnosed with a heart attack (MI), stroke or breast cancer combined. In fact, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), up to 50% of all women and 25% of all men over age 50 years will sustain fragility fractures in their remaining lifetime. Lack of treatment during the first fragility fracture may lead to another fracture, which could have serious consequences. These alarming statistics surrounding bone health make it important for you to talk with all of your health care providers.  Your health care providers can provide the steps that you should take after a fragility fracture.

According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report and other published research, the consequences of osteoporosis and low bone density can be avoided if at-risk individuals are recognized and appropriate actions are made in a timely manner. The American Orthopaedic Association’s Own the Bone™ program helps educate patients aged 50 and over at the time of a fragility fracture. 

For patients who have suffered from a fragility fracture, the Own the Bone Web site ( offers a range of information.  If you’ve broken a bone due to poor bone health, research shows that you are very likely to suffer another fracture. We encourage you to “Own the Bone.” It is important to tell all of your health care providers about your fracture. Discuss the following steps to better bone health with your health care team.  (Note: these steps are consistent with recommendations from the National Osteoporosis Foundation and other national health organizations.) Steps include taking Calcium  and Vitamin D, getting enough weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise, learning to prevent falls, stopping smoking, and limiting excessive alcohol intake. Other steps include testing and pharmacologic treatment as recommended by your health care provider.  Own the Bone encourages you to talk with your health care providers regarding any course of treatment or medication. The Own the Bone Web site also provides links to resources that help patients with behaviors and activities that impact bone health.

Own the Bone has been developed to help address the current alarming statistics surrounding bone health.  Remember to ask your health care providers if they offer the Own the Bone Program at their hospital or clinic.  The Program encourages you to take control of your bone health to ensure a healthier tomorrow.


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