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San Antonio Wellness Institute (S.A.W.I.)
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8122 Datapoint, Ste 700
San Antonio, Texas 78229

(210) 615-8668
U.S.A.: (800) Dr Heart
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CONCIERGE MEDICINE – San Antonio Wellness Institute (S.A.W.I.)

  Robert N. Schnitlzer, MD,
Medical Director
A desire to focus on prevention prompted Dr. Robert Schnitzler, a nationally renowned authority in the field of cardiac electrophysiology with more than 30 years experience investigating new ways to treat dysrythmias, congestive heart failure and hypertension, to open the San Antonio Wellness Institute (S.A.W.I.).


S.A.W.I. provides comprehensive medical evaluation and preventative strategies to help patients improve and maintain their overall health. Patients undergo in-depth diagnostic testing and consultation over a two-day period with multiple physicians, including Dr. Schnitzler. Then the team creates a wellness program specifically designed to match each patient’s needs. “I want to be there for my patients when they are ill,” says Dr. Schnitzler. “Giving patients that access to me as their personal physician is extraordinarily important to me.”

At the San Antonio Wellness Institute (S.A.W.I) the clinical staff strongly believes in taking a holistic approach to their patient’s health. They give patients head-to-toe evaluation each year to diagnose illnesses or medical issues long before symptoms indicate disease.

  Ma. Cristina Rodriguez, RN, BSN, President
It’s a concierge model in which patients receive a battery of tests, lab work, ultrasounds, MRIs, and other diagnostic screenings during a two day visit. Patients also see several specialists, such as urologists and gastroenterologists. S.A.W.I. has been offering wellness services since 2000, and receives patients from around the world, including heads of state and corporate executives, who appreciate the personal attention, through medical care, and philosophy of prevention.

A significant percentage of the patients have normal findings. Their goal being to address medical problems prior to illness, gives them tremendous peace of mind,” says S.A.W.I.’s President Maria Cristina Rodriguez, RN, BSN. “Our primary objective is to promote well being.”

S.A.W.I. has a strong track record of diagnosing serious illnesses at their most preliminary stages, as an example of a kidney cancer so early that it was far below the usual level of detection and brain blood vessels treated with some of the earliest stents placed in that location. This early detection gives patients more options for treatment and helps them obtain the best possible outcomes.


“Over the years I have been very impressed by the high quality of medical services I have received from Dr. Robert N. Schnitzler and his team. I have found his team to be highly professional and efficient in the administration of the requisite tests…I highly recommend Dr. Schnitzler and his colleagues as a resource for any person seeking an overall medical assessment utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced medical technologies.

On a larger scale, as a former Mayor of San Antonio who worked to enhance the biosciences sector of our economy, I am proud that Dr. Schnitzler has developed the capability to extend medical services beyond the city’s limits…I am pleased that his methodologies and procedures are now offered on an international scale and made available to professionals and employees of entire companies. These are wonderful resources and should be utilized by as many people as possible.”

Henry Cisneros
CEO and Executive Director of America City Vista

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You can also contact us at (210) 615-8668 with any questions.

8122 Datapoint, Ste 700
San Antonio, Texas 78229

(210) 615-8668
U.S.A.: (800) Dr Heart
Mexico: (800) 2 Doctor


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