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Real Estate - California

Move to California

With 37 million people calling it home, California is a place of great diversity, reaching out to everyone who wants to move to its open lands and urban centers. The landscape ranges from desert to ocean to mountains, green valleys to skyscrapers, sandy beaches to redwood forests, vineyards to office towers and everything else in between. A rich mix of cultures, California is one of the few states without a majority ethnic group. The diversity of the landscape and the lifestyle ensures there is truly something for everyone in California.

The housing market in California is currently mirroring many other major metropolitan areas of the nation, with a return to a more sustainable and balanced housing market compared to the booming pace of the past several years. As the fifth largest economy in the world, California boasts a housing market that is both varied and dense. California real estate is known for its high price - but with that high price comes the high value of all that California offers. The median home price in California is $567,360, often giving relocators to the California coast "sticker shock". An important consideration, though, is that trends in the high cost of living increase relative to increases in income and the wealth of its residents. Due to the high cost of housing, many families are forced to buy smaller homes than what their money might "buy you" in other parts of the country. Conducting a comparable cost of living calculation will help new residents better gauge their prospects of living the California dream.

Different regions of California have very different climates, varying from subtropic to subarctic depending on their latitude, elevation, and proximity to the coast. Most of the state has a Mediterranean climate, with rainy winters and dry summers.

Sixty-eight percent of Californians live in one of the two major metropolitan areas of the Greater Los Angeles area to the south and the San Francisco Bay area to the north, both of which offer a very different landscape and lifestyles.

Northern California has many attractions that draw real estate owners to the area. The beautiful rocky coastline of the Pacific, the balmy climate, redwood forests, and relatively low population density are just a few of the charms that lure the current permanent residents. San Francisco, with its bustling allure; Napa Valley, where wine tasting is the highlight of the day; and the Redwood Coast, which has been declared America's Most Scenic Rural Country.

Southern California is known for its famous beaches, the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, and for some of the world's most prestigious universities and research facilities. Southern California brings in residents from all walks of life creating a melting pot of opportunities and experiences. The climate in Southern California depends greatly on your location compared to the Santa Monica Mountains, with the south side benefiting from the marine climate and the moisture-laden breezes that blow in from the ocean. In the midsummer sun, the average high temperature is 84 and the low is 64. Winter in California is characterized by rain and is the primary growing season. Spring is known for its fogs, summer for its haze and smog. In the autumn Santa Ana winds occur, blowing from the Mojave desert to the ocean.

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Information provided courtesy of HomeRoute.

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