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From desert to coastline, mountains to valleys, Oregon contains some of the most diverse landscapes you'll find contained within one state. Visitors and residents alike are awed by the beauty of this land, peppered with notable manmade attractions like the picturesque lighthouses and snow-capped mountains, rolling sand dunes, rushing waterfalls and dramatic stalactites. Oregon, a Pacific Coast state, is known for vast forests of evergreen trees. Residents take advantage of their great outdoors with recreational activities like hiking, camping, boating and bird watching.

The beautiful homes for sale melt in natural landscape. Housing prices are affordable for most residents; state median home price around $130,000. Oregon has a prosperous economy, paired with no state sales tax. It also boasts low unemployment rates, along with award winning schools.

The energetic city of Portland, beautiful coastal regions, the Willamette Valley, open land of eastern Oregon, nature-lover’s breathtaking backdrop of Mount Hood, Columbia River Gorge’s residential area or the array of central and southern Oregon communities are available to those relocating. Eugene, home of University of Oregon, and historic town Corvallis, spread out on rolling green hills and pastures. Residents living along 400 miles of pristine Oregon coastline in towns like Astoria and Florence enjoy year-round ocean breezes, glorious views and quaint, laid-back resort-style life popular with retirees and successful professionals. Homes in eclectic seaside villages range from $200,000 cottages to sprawling multi-million dollar waterfront estates.

Willamette Valley is Oregon's greatest center for trade and industry. Oregon enjoys a flourishing state economy based largely in agriculture, lumber and tourism. Farms and ranches, chiefly located in Willamette Valley just west of the Cascades, specializes in producing Christmas trees and a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, wheat and dairy products, including peppermint, berries, hazelnuts and hops. Forests cover almost half the state; every large city has factories making wood products. Many vineyards thrive in the valley, producing quality wine. Technology companies like Intel and clothing manufacturers such as Nike are headquartered in Beaverton, known as "Silicon Forest."

Portland offers brewpubs, coffeehouses, eclectic restaurants, funky nightlife and thriving live music scene. Socially minded, bicycle-riding, Birkenstocks-in-the-boardroom types make up a significant portion of the population. Salem has only 142,000 residents; what it lacks in size, it makes up with plenty of community spirit. Salem is home to a number of state and federal government offices, the historic state capitol building, and the annual state fair. The rugged beauty of the state's mountains, seacoast and forest lands attract more than 18 million tourists a year. Hunters shoot deer, elk and other game in wooded regions. People enjoy fishing in sparkling lakes, rivers and in Pacific water.

The magnificent Cascade Mountain range forms two distinct climates in Oregon. Regions west of the mountains enjoy mild marine climate extending to coastal rainforest in far north, while those east make up the state’s high desert region, where the weather ranges between extreme heat and cold.

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Information provided courtesy of HomeRoute.

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