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Washington - Real Estate

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An excellent quality of life, robust economy, strong school systems and a booming real estate market has fueled a steady stream of new residents to the state of Washington. Surrounded by natural beauty, fresh air and city amenities close at hand, it’s easy to see why the Evergreen State has a reputation of being a great place to live.

The overall cost of living in Washington is about 3% above the national average, with housing costs at about 2% above average. As one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas, Seattle has a higher cost of living at around 8% above the national average. The residents of the Greater Seattle region will tell you that the higher cost of living is worth it to live in a top ranked city with a superior quality of life, strong economy, job opportunities with cutting-edge industries and a mild-year round climate.

Washington State is home to an exceptional and diverse real estate market offering an incredible range of choices when it comes to home style and price. From quaint homes with breathtaking views to multi-million dollar estates to ranches and farmhouses to contemporary single-family house, condominiums and townhouses, new residents have many options to choose from. The average home price statewide is $280,200. King County remains the most expensive urban market in Washington, with a median price of near $399,500, while Yakima County has the least expensive homes among urban communities, with a median price of $129,400. San Juan County, consisting of the chain of San Juan Islands and the coastline, is home to the highest median home prices overall for the entire state around $625,000 for spectacular waterfront properties and affluent coastal living.

Washington's climate varies greatly from west to east. A mild, humid climate predominates in the western part of the state with frequent cloud cover, considerable fog, and long lasting rain showers. In the summer months, the sun does shine and the temperature year-round rarely goes below 40 or above 75, making the 37 inches of rain every year a little more manageable. A cooler, dryer climate does prevail east of the Cascade Mountain Range. The higher mountains of this range support glaciers and permanent snow cover, but generally the areas east of the range see significantly less rainfall in a year; closer to 6 inches.

There’s plenty to see and do in Washington. Shopping and culture are plentiful in the cities, while outdoor recreation is the popular pastime outside the metro areas. If you’re looking for an urban, cultural emphasis, the Greater Seattle area is home to numerous museums, galleries, theaters, music venues and pro sports to choose from. If you’d rather escape to the great outdoors, Spokane, the state’s second largest city, is host to golf courses, wineries, parks and the beautiful Spokane River. Residents here seem to do just about every outdoor sport and hobby there is, including camping, hiking, fishing, golfing rafting, boating, scuba diving, skiing...the list goes on and on.

To learn more about specific communities in Washington, request a Free Relocation Packet prepared by a HomeRoute Preferred - local community expert. This exclusive guide will be customized to your specific home search and help you prepare for your upcoming move to Washington.

Information provided courtesy of HomeRoute.

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