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Texas - Real Estate

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With its beautiful landscapes, warm weather, strong school systems and Southern hospitality, Texas remains a popular choice for people looking to relocate. At over 267,000 square miles in size, Texas is an all-American state where residents take great pride in their rich and diverse tradition of arts and strong cultural heritage. Supported by a strong economy and steady employment growth, Texans truly know how to live it up "big."

Texas has an excellent overall cost of living and is the fourth most affordable state in the country. Statewide, the cost of living is about 12% the national average with a median home price of $136,500 and an average price of near $174,000. Texas has the luxury of being one of the few states to not have any corporate, inheritance or personal income tax, and has one of the lowest state and local tax burdens in the nation. As far as its larger cities, the city of Houston has cost of living that is lower than any other large metropolitan area in the country, with the median price for a single family home costing $150,000. Affordable price tags on homes and a strong job market have helped the housing market in this area remain strong despite sagging sales in other parts of the country. This same trend of affordable living and hot real estate markets can be seen across the state of Texas, from its big cities to its rural towns.

Texas homes come in a variety of styles, prices and community types. With home options including everything from expansive ranch properties and luxury estates, to modern single-family homes and condominiums, there truly is something for everyone in Texas. The growing Texas real estate market also makes for exceptional opportunities in investment property. Compared to other popular retirement states, such as California, Arizona, South Carolina and Florida, Texas' affordable living has been the drawing point for new retirement towns springing up and thriving compared to many other more expensive destinations.

A great place for families to live, Texas has a reputation for having strong family values and excellent school systems. Texas is one of only eight states consistently scoring above the national average on national assessment tests in Math & English for the 4th and 8th grade levels. The state's strength in education continues into higher learning institutions with more than 140 public and private colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions, which collectively offer access to a comprehensive and broad range of academic and technical programs.

With so much land to cover, there is no shortage of things to do and see in Texas. The state's 624 miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline, beachgoers will find everything from water sports to sunbathing and surf. With a year-round warm climate, Texas offers all the perks of coastal living. Inland, residents will find more than 900 golf courses, over 30 national and state parks, historic sites and natural areas. The state is also home to an abundance of world-class theme parks, water parks, zoos, campgrounds, minor and major league sports franchises, as well as nationally ranked collegiate and high school teams.

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Information provided courtesy of HomeRoute.

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