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Located about 2,400 miles from the West Coast of the continental United States, surrounded by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has plenty to offer its 1.2 million residents, including the famous beauty of its islands and the comfortable year-round climate. Contrary to what first entices people to consider moving to Hawaii, there's more to living in Hawaii than inserting yourself into a real-life picture postcard of paradise. The state today is committed to a diverse economy, which depends on tourism as its economic mainstay, but also enjoys the thriving sugar cane and pineapple-producing industries. Residents take great pride in the revitalization of Hawaiian culture, including a commitment to preserving the indigenous Polynesian language, Hawaiian, making it a required subject in schools throughout Hawaii.

Each Hawaiian Island offers a distinct personality, pace of life, cost of living and job market. Oahu contains the state capital, Honolulu, as well as the crowded tourist destination of Waikiki Beach. It's the most developed and populated of all the islands, housing about 75% of the state's 1.2 million residents. Most Oahu residents work in Honolulu, with many residing in one of the suburban areas of Hawai' Kai, Kailua, Kane'ohe, Kapolei, Waikele or Mililani.

The fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai may prove to be a quieter home than Oahu, but it's still a popular tourist destination and the site of many film productions. The cost of living is less expensive than Oahu, but expect to pay considerably more if you want more living space. In Honolulu, homes range from $100,000 to more than $10 million for beach homes with ocean views.

If you're looking for island living and a beautiful place to call home, though, you'll find that Maui fits the bill. Maui is less populated and developed than Oahu, and it is famous for its pristine beaches and excellent surfing. Major employers include the local government as well as retail and tourism industries. Condo rentals are plentiful for vacationers, but affordable homes may be harder to come by. On Maui, prices of homes start at around $290,000 and range to more than $18 million for huge estate homes with spectacular ocean views.

The Big Island is Hawaii's geographical largest island at 4,038 square miles and its cost of living is the most affordable of the major islands. A landscape of rainforests, lava fields and fabulous beaches make this a spectacular place to call home. Most residents are employed in agriculture, retail, government or the tourist industry. The price of homes range from under $100,000 to multi-million-dollar homes in Hilo on the “Big Island.”

One of the biggest challenges when considering a move to Hawaii is planning for the actual move. Since all possessions need to be shipped to your destination, many newcomers often find it to be financially beneficial to sell certain items rather then pay to ship them, especially items like heavy furniture and cars. Keep in mind, though, if your possessions are in good condition, it may make sense to ship them, as most manufactured goods are quite a bit more expensive in Hawaii.

Once you and your possessions do arrive, you will be greeted with island hospitality and recreational activities abound. Residents can choose to spend their days hiking through rain forests, biking along mountain ranges and surfing and swimming in the crystal-clear water of the Pacific.

To learn more about specific communities in Hawaii, request a Free Relocation Packet prepared by a HomeRoute Preferred™ local community expert. This exclusive guide will be customized to your specific home search and help you prepare for your upcoming move to Hawaii.

Information provided courtesy of HomeRoute.

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