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Alabama - Real Estate

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From the majestic mountains to the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama offers its residents a home full of culture, history and beautiful views. Alabamians enjoy a low cost of living in a clean and serene environment. Whether it’s the sunshine or affordability that brings you here, the friendly residents welcome newcomers with open arms.

The median home price in Alabama is about $130,000, with some of the lowest property taxes in the United States. Compared to the rest of the nation, the housing costs are low while providing some beautiful homes. Depending on the amount earned and filing status, personal income tax rates are 2, 4 or 5%. The cost of living throughout the state is right below the national average, making Alabama an affordable home state.

Most of the houses in Alabama have been built in the past century. Here you’ll find a variety of housing choices including single family homes, duplexes, lots & land, investment properties, town homes and condominiums, new construction, lakefront, new development, modular homes, acreage, investment property, golf course communities, luxury homes, gated communities and farm land. A wide range of educational options attracts many young families and the low cost of living combined with a pleasant climate has drawn many retirees.

Alabama’s main economic industries include manufacturing, government, real estate, retail and healthcare with some agriculture, aerospace and electronic products. Major employers include Russell Corporation, Artistic Solar Films, University of Alabama in Birmingham and UAB Hospital. Headquartered here are the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center and the US Army Missile Command.

From the bustling big cities to the exquisite landscape, Alabama offers residents a wide range of activities. Central Alabama is the metropolitan hub of the state where many of the businesses, universities and colleges are located. Experience the fantastic shopping and dining experiences that reaffirm the south’s hospitable reputation. Seeped in a complex history, Alabama educates with museums and tours, such as the Rosa Parks Museum and the Civil Rights Memorial Center. Those looking for more outdoor activities will keep themselves busy with fishing, Lake Eufaula is known as the Big Bass Capital of the World, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and much more. Along the Gulf Coast you will find beautiful white sands beaches which provide year-round fun.

With its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama’s climate is hot and humid, concentrated mostly in the south. In the northeast, near the Appalachian Mountains, the weather tends to be a bit cooler. Residents rarely see winter snow with average temperatures between 30-40 degrees. Spring tends to be rainy, while autumn is cool and dry and summers can reach over 90 degrees. Alabama’s terrain consists mostly of plains with mountainous regions in the north. The Tennessee River caused a large valley through parts of the state resulting in a number of creeks, rivers, lakes and mountains. East of the Mississippi River you’ll find the "Land Bridge", the longest natural bridge and within the Talladega National Forest is Mount Cheaha, the highest point in the state.

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Information provided courtesy of HomeRoute.

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