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Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services is a Christian, pro-life, not-for-profit social service agency operating 75 offices in 30 states and 15 other countries.

Bethany Christian Services began in 1944 as the fulfillment of a dream shared by two young women, Marguerite Bonnema and Mary DeBoer, who wanted to establish a Christian residence for homeless children. With the assistance of businessman Andrew VanderVeer, they established the Bethany Home. Their humble ministry has grown into an international team of nearly 900 dedicated professionals actively ministering to children and families.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bethany's support comes through reimbursement for services, and from gifts received from individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations that share Bethany's commitment to improving the lives of children and families.


Bethany is widely known as an adoption agency, but our Christian care extends to people struggling with many life challenges including:

  • Unplanned pregnancies. Each year over 11,000 individuals call 1-800-BETHANY seeking help and advice for a crisis pregnancy. Bethany’s nationwide crisis pregnancy hotline is manned 24 hours a day by trained operators who provide information about abortion alternatives, and refer callers to pro-life community resources.
  • Domestic infant adoption. Bethany assists hundreds of couples facing infertility or other challenges to adopt domestic born infants.
  • International adoption. Bethany has established adoption ministries in 15 countries around the globe including Albania, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Philippines, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.
  • Older, Special needs adoption. Over 1 million children around the world are currently available for adoption who are physically, emotionally, or mentally challenged. Many toddlers and young children are available simply because they are toddlers and young children – past the baby stage. Bethany’s “Children of Promise” is a regular feature in Bethany’s Lifelines magazine.
  • Stepping Stones Infertility Ministry. Bethany sponsors a nationwide infertility ministry for couples struggling with the pain and disappointment of infertility. Support includes a monthly newsletter and links to medical and adoption information.

Since it was founded in 1944, Bethany has helped over 25,000 children find permanent homes with Christian families and touches over 30,000 lives a year through its other services.

BabyBethany’s Mission Statement

Bethany Christian Services manifests the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services. 

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