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Glossary of 75 Distance Learning Terms

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Case Study - The application of management principles to simulated or real-life situations in order to give students practice in applying their analytical and presentation skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

College - Institution offering associate and bachelor's degrees focusing on education rather than research; also refers to divisions within a university system (e.g., College of Business).

Compressed Video - Video images processed to remove extraneous information, facilitating the transmission of information over telephone lines or other narrow bandwidth carriers.

Concentration - A focus undertaken within a major; for example, a student pursuing a degree with a major in business might undertake a concentration in human resources management.

Concurrent - Simultaneous; occurring at the same time or together.

Conditional Acceptance (Admission) - Offer of a place in a university/institution degree program to an academically qualified student subject to meeting a specified condition, often completion of English language studies or achievement of a minimum English proficiency test score.

Consortium - An association of several bodies.

Cooperative or Co-op (Program) - Education program that combines theoretical learning with practical experience, generally via alternating periods of classroom study and work placements.

Core Course - Course addressing the main components of a program, generally as a requisite for graduation.

Courseload - The number of courses taken or credits earned within a period of study (semester, term, quarter, etc.).

Credit - A measure granted for each course completed; most academic programs require students to complete a certain number of credits for graduation.

Credit Hours - A system of measuring credit by the number of hours spent in class a week.

Curriculum - Subjects included in a course of study; plural: curricula.


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