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The Virginia Tech Master of Information Technology (MIT) program is an entirely online graduate program that is a unique interdisciplinary degree program offered collaboratively by Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering, and the Pamplin College of Business. The College of Engineering and the Pamplin College of Business both hold national rankings that consistently place Virginia Tech among the top fifty universities nationwide in business and engineering. A degree in Information Technology from Virginia Tech is well-known and highly-respected among employers and IT professionals globally.

This program is an innovative blend of coursework offered in six related IT modules, including Business Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Communications, and Networking. Virginia Tech’s IT faculty consists of distinguished professors who have real-world experience combined with cutting-edge knowledge of industry trends that they apply collectively to update each module regularly in order to reflect industry changes. The courses in the online program are the same courses taught by the same faculty as those offered in Computer Science Engineering and Business on Virginia Tech’s main campus.

Students take four foundation courses and then complete any three of six available modules for a total of ten courses. The completion of any module requires undertaking coursework in two courses within that module and provides professional certification, recorded on the student’s transcript, for each module completed. The MIT degree is a non-thesis thirty-credit Master degree that is ideal for part-time students who are working in high technology industries, and who wish to earn a graduate degree that provides a broad perspective on all facets of information technology without needing to leave their current positions.

VTMIT uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication that provides faculty to student, and student to student, interaction that is comparable to a live classroom. Consequently the University draws no distinction between these methods of delivery in its diplomas or transcripts. The VTMIT degree commands the same industry respect as its peers within Engineering and Business, and VTMIT faculty members are routinely requested to present specialized workshops covering subsets of the VTMIT curriculum to the IT industry.

However it is equally important to note that these are rigorous courses, covering difficult problem domains, taught by demanding faculty members who will accept nothing less than your best effort. To gain admission you must meet the criteria set by Virginia Tech’s Graduate School, and the Master in Information Technology department. To complete the degree program you must be willing to invest substantial time and effort. Thank you for your interest in Virginia Tech and its Information Technology program, and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 703-538-8384, or by email at .

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