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Swiss Management Center

Students from more than 60 countries trust on Swiss Management Center's distance learning programs - the best in online education.

Service Made in Switzerland
Swiss Management Center (SMC) is a leader in educating high potentials from all over the world, reaching out via its technologically and textually most advanced distance learning program. The Center has a firm belief that its students are formed as much by their education as they are from their present and previous personal and professional experiences. SMC’s role is to help bring it all together and allow them to shine. The commitment to providing an outstanding education is reflected in the extraordinary feedback of the students & graduates.

Quality Builds on People
Swiss Management Center attracts the most talented individuals and professionals from organizations across the globe. Personal attention is a hallmark, and continuous development assures that the degrees are both rigorous and relevant. Strong global ties to the industry, politics, and society serves as the incubator for the student’s entrepreneurial venture, career, and lifelong bonding.

Swiss Management Center has made significant efforts in research and development to create a most advanced and practical oriented distance learning solution. The result is a state-of-the-art, cutting edge online learning platform that allows students to be part of the SMC learning experience from anywhere in the world, at any time, and any pace.

Swiss Management Center encourages individuals that have a track record of success and have demonstrated a drive to move to the next level. Based on experience these types of individuals perform best in SMC’s self-directed and rewarding educational solution. Rather than allowing a professor or other individual to govern and dictate the pace of the curriculum, SMC empowers the student to make that determination for themselves and to progress at a pace that most suits them. The SMC programs fill a unique niche in the academic arena, providing quality education with thought-leading curricula in as many locations as they have students. No longer must high potentials give up their jobs, homes or families for extended periods of time in the pursuit of advancing to a next level.

Being among the leading Swiss business schools, Swiss Management Center attracts faculty that are renowned leaders in their fields. Students benefit from reputed scholars and practitioners who are sought-after within global business and politics. Students and faculty members are active partners in the design and development of solutions, ideas, and concepts that are successfully applied in the real world.



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