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Amberton University

Located near Dallas, Texas, Amberton University is a fully accredited, private, upper-division and graduate university. For over 35 years, Amberton has provided quality, relevant, technologically advanced education to working adults in a Christian environment. At Amberton University, the average student is between 30 and 45 years of age, married with children, ambitious and works full time. In addition, most have been out of school for over 10 years. Students wishing to complete their bachelor degree or earn a master degree can choose from a variety of nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the areas of counseling, business, human relations, and management, among others. The University’s professors are experienced practitioners who are chosen based upon their academic credentials, professional experience, personal character, and desire to serve the educational needs of the adult student.

While the University’s convenient locations draw many of its 1,500+ students to the Garland Campus and/or Frisco Center, Amberton also offers courses and complete degree programs through distance learning. Contrary to the trend to segregate distance learning from traditional programs, Amberton combines both formats, giving the student the advantage to choose the method that best suits his/her needs. Distance-learning courses can be completed online without any on-campus requirement.

Amberton University views distance learning as an alternative delivery system, emphasizing the student’s mastery of course content over technology. Believing the quality of any academic program is in the design and management of learning and not just in the techniques of delivery, the same faculty who teach lecture classes also teach online courses. Amberton professors are unique in that they are not only highly qualified academically but are practitioners in their respective fields of study and are able to relate very well to the needs of the working adult.

Every course at Amberton is competency-based, meaning the faculty has developed a detailed list of course competencies the student is expected to learn. Regardless of the teaching method, the same competencies are required. Because there is no difference in learning expectations, academic transcripts do not reflect whether the course was taken online or on-campus.

The admission standards of Amberton require students to be at least 21-years old and have successfully completed work from a U.S. accredited college or university. Graduate admission exams, like the GRE and GMAT, are not required for admission as research shows tests such as these do not accurately predict the adult student’s ability to perform academically.

Amberton University offers 4 sessions per year with courses offered at night, weekend and online. Tuition is $675 per course with no other course-related fees, regardless of delivery method or academic level. A “pay as you go” philosophy has been adopted by the University and it does not participate in any Federal and/or State financial aid programs. Amberton’s affordable tuition and convenient payment plans allow students the opportunity to graduate without the burden of financial aid debt.

To receive a catalog and current schedule of classes, please call (972) 279-6511 ext. 180 or visit us online at

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