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It Starts with a "P..."

What city features more downtown performing arts theaters than any other not named New York? And has more majestic bridges than any in the world outside of Venice, Italy?

If you guessed Pittsburgh, then you are absolutely correct.

Only Pittsburgh brings together nearly 250 years of historical hot spots, renowned arts and cultural attractions, unrivalled outdoor recreational amenities, and a sporting events calendar that would make even Jim Thorpe jealous.

For those who have not visited the region in 20 years, take note: This is not the city you might have imagined. It’s so much cooler.

Today’s Pittsburgh

Probably the first thing you will notice about Pittsburgh is its beautiful urban skyline framed by stunning blue skies, gently rolling hills, and clean rivers teeming with fish. But beyond these landmarks exists a region that has undergone dramatic changes. Where steel mills once stood are thriving residential, retail, and commercial developments. Where laborers once toiled are students learning robotics, computer science, and medicine.

Seven Fortune 500 companies call this region home, but so do 33 colleges and universities. This is clearly a region focused on the future. How else can one explain how Pittsburgh has become the world leader in environmentally “green” buildings? It speaks to our history of innovation. And it bodes well for the coming generations of Pittsburghers.


But enjoying the here and now is a worthwhile cause. And the Pittsburgh region has plenty of fun attractions for any taste.

Within downtown, consider the Cultural District, home to seven performing arts theaters, Pittsburgh’s world-class symphony orchestra, and the professional sports franchises of the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. A short walk brings you to the South Side or the Strip District, both are neighborhoods filled with shops, restaurants, and nightlife that will make any night memorable.

If museums are your style, then consider the world’s only Andy Warhol Museum, or one of the world’s top dinosaur collections at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. For history buffs, Pittsburgh is a gold mine of information and tourist attractions, including many historical sites commemorating our region’s role in the French and Indian War, which began here 250 years ago.

Outside the city, Frank Lloyd Wright left his beautiful mark on two signature homes, Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob.


Once you visit Mr. Wright’s famous creations, it will become clear what served as his canvas – the region’s beautiful outdoor amenities. Rivers and streams, green landscapes, and miles of trails are more than picturesque; they are also part of a unique playground for outdoor enthusiasts. This summer, in fact, Pittsburgh will host the world’s premier professional fishing tournament – the CITGO Bassmaster Classic.

Throughout the region, one can spend days exploring on bike, boat or foot. Former rail lines have been transformed into trails that stretch almost continuously to Washington D.C.

But, if structure is important to your outdoor experience, then consider the region’s 184 golf courses. Or its half-day proximity to 18 downhill ski resorts.

Book a date!

At this point, you should be checking your calendar to see how soon you can visit the Pittsburgh region.

But before you book a flight (and by the way, Pittsburgh International Airport is consistently rated by flyers as the No. 1 airport in the U.S.) you may want to consider these upcoming events and attractions.

We look forward to seeing you here soon!

Please visit for more information about any of these attractions, events, and hotel packages.

Please visit for more information about the Pittsburgh region.

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intrepid Travel

2511 Ocean Ave
Ca 90291
Tel: 1 866 847 8192

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American Orient Express
5100 Main Street, Suite 300
Downers Grove, IL. 60515
Tel: 1-800-320-4206
American Orient Express
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Newman Dailey Resort Properties

Vacation Rentals/Real Estate Office
12815 Hwy 98 W Suite 100
Destin, FL 32550
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Newman Dailey Resort Properties

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8427 South Park Circle, Orlando,
Florida 32819

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Imperial American Express Travel Services

6900 Decarie Blvd., suite 3402
Montreal, Que.
H3X 2T8,
Tel: 1 514 341 7220
Toll Free: 1 888 344 3472
Fax: 1 514 341 7998

Imperial American Express Travel Services

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Beausserie Immobilier French Real Estate

Place du commerce
Tel: 05 55 31 06 02
Fax: 05 55 31 06 03

Beausserie Immobilier French Real Estate

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American West Steamboat Company

2101 4th Avenue,
Suite 1150
WA 98121
Tel: 1 800 434 1232

American West Steamboat Company

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International Mortgage Plans

International Mortgage Plans
Cobbetts Hill
KT13 0UA
Tel: 44 (0) 1932 830660

International Mortgage Plans

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Brunswick Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau

4 Glynn Avenue
GA 315220
Tel: 800-933-COAST (2627)
Tel: 912-265-0620

Brunswick Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau

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CFI Worldco

734 Franklin Avenue,
Suite 327
Garden City,
NY. 11530
Tel: 516 294 6030

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