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Intrepid Travel Premium Adventures

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel Premium Adventures - Are you interested in visiting exotic destinations around the world but like the security and intimacy of traveling in a small group. Do you like to have a trip leader on hand to offer expert knowledge and advice and to make sure everything runs smoothly? Intrepid's small group Premium Adventures offer you a wide variety of experiences which will get you involved with a country and its people at a local level but at the same time offer you comfortable character-filled accommodation to return to at the end of each day. Intrepid Premium brings you the best of both worlds in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Please find below a small sample of our Intrepid Premium Adventures with many more available for viewing when you visit us online at

Premium Europe – 15 days in France and Italy experiencing the good life and the joys of thousands of years of history, culture, rich cuisine and warm hospitality.

Premium Egypt - 15 days enjoying the history, grandeur and culture of this ancient land. For action and adventure in real comfort this is the perfect introduction to Egypt.

Premium Thailand - 12 Days journeying through northern Thailand in comfort and style, discovering diverse cultures, exploring the ruins of ancient kingdoms and glimpsing the world of Thai spirituality.

Premium India North and South - 22 days to combine and contrast a comfortable introduction to the cultures of northern India with the beauty of lush, tropical southern India.

Premium Cambodia and Vietnam - 20 days experiencing the beauty of Cambodia and the grace of Vietnam as their incredible diversity, dramatic pasts and hopeful futures are revealed. Interact with locals on a daily basis while traveling through both countries in style.

Essence of Peru - 13 days to capture the essence of Peru and journey from the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the heights of the Andes Mountain Range and on to the islands of Lake Titicaca. Discover Peru's diverse ecology, geology and culture and see what wonders lie hidden beneath the rainforest canopy.

Inca & Galapagos Explorer - 20 days to explore the best of Peru and embrace a once in a lifetime visit to the Galapagos Islands! Staying in comfortable, charming hotels and traveling by private van, this is the perfect trip if you crave the adventure of Peru with a higher level of comfort.

Costa Rica Explorer - 15 days visiting Costa Rica's interior volcanoes and forest reserves as well as the most beautiful Pacific and Atlantic beaches. White beaches, abundant bird life, active volcanoes and magical cloud forest will have you wishing you could stay!

Please visit us online at or call toll free on 1 866 847 8192. We would be delighted to share with you an Intrepid REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE

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