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Newsweek - Newsweek Showcase Testimonials

Hardgrave Military Academy
"Hargrave's partnership with Newsweek Woman has had a positive effect on raising public awareness for our Academy. With just a few test ads, we have received feedback from both current families, in regards to viewing the advertisement, and with new families wishing to learn more about Hargrave. We are currently building a stronger relationship with Newsweek Woman."
William Wiebking,
Director of Communications,
Hargrave Military Academy

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We first started advertising in the Newsweek Marketplace the 4th quarter of 2002. All it did for us was increase sales and leads immediately. After the success we felt from the trial ads we committed to the magazine for 12 issues in 2003. For a good price this advertising helped us reach millions of people which led to about 200 more sales and leads per month.
Steve Stecklein
COO, Splintek-PPInc.
V: 816 531-1900
Fax: 816 531-1968

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"Subway has maintained a presence in Newsweek for a number of years as an essential part of our franchise development program. The number of leads generated and successful sales completed have been consistently excellent and have ensured that for the third year running, we are more than doubling our level of advertising across all Newsweek's Marketplace sections."
Lisa Palmieri,
Communications Manager
Franchise Sales Team,

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Troy State University
"Although Troy State University has only advertised in Newsweek for the past year, we feel the publication enhances Troy State’s position in the distance learning and global learning environments. Because Troy State offers degree programs at more than 50 sites in 14 states and five countries, the breadth of exposure nationally and internationally through Newsweek has contributed to phenomenal growth in our distance learning degree programs."
Dr. Christine S. Burge,
Regional Director
Troy State University - Atlantic Region

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St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
"Newsweek has been a valuable tool in recruiting qualified candidates for our research programs for the past couple of years. We have generated many potential clients from our exposure in the NY Metro Market."
Jennifer Rosenfeld,
Recruitment Coordinator Look Ahead,
St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital.

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AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association
"Our presence in Newsweek's "Distance Learning Showcase" has provided our non-profit association with an avenue to cost-effectively reach a wide breadth of consumers."
Dawn Bibbs-Morrissey
Senior Marketing and Customer Relations Manager
American Health Information Management Association

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University of Toledo
We have advertised consistently in Newsweek magazine and on their related websites for the past two years. The branding exposure and the direct leads we have received have helped The University of Toledo, the leader in distance education in Ohio, continue to build it's name and grow on-line enrollment in the national arena. The power of Newsweek has worked for us. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.
Janet Green
Assistant Director for Marketing and Enrollment Management Distance and eLearning

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Jimmy Jacobs Custom Homes
"We have been very pleased at the response from our Newsweek ad. We started receiving calls on the delivery date and have had consistent inquiries since the initial ad. Most calls came from subscribers, but we've also had success with the people who read the magazine at the subscriber's office or home! It seems that our coverage was greater than the whole. Responses came from all over the United States. Our presence in Newsweek has added validity to the campaign that could not be generated from a regional press. The leads have been qualified and motivated. We will certainly include Newsweek in our future advertising programs."
Jeanette Geron
Sales/Site Manager
Jimmy Jacobs Custom Homes

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