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America's leading business-ownership consulting organization.

For over 20 years, we've been the premier source for self-employment options, franchising information, education, and training. The Entrepreneur's Source is the first place to look for guidance, training, and straight talk about franchise and business opportunities, with no obligation or risk.

The Best Advice on Business Ownership Options

As America’s leading business-ownership consulting organization, we’re committed to helping people and businesses grow.  We provide all our clients with the most comprehensive, objective, unbiased and meaningful advice available anywhere.  We apply our "win-win" principles to our four key service areas:

  • Educating individuals in business ownership opportunities.
  • Coaching them through the evaluation of their goals and the attainment of their dreams.
  • Guiding them through career transitions.

We’ve helped hundreds of people break the cycle of dependency on e-Business Ownership Coaching employers. Perhaps it’s your turn.  Find out more by clicking here.

FREE Online Course!

Visit the ESource Knowledge Center and build "The Entrepreneur In You". Find out more about our FREE online training.  Visit our course listinghere. Business Ownership Coaching

Download our FREE Report: The most frequently asked questions about franchising. Click here.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise

Our consultants’ life work is helping individuals achieve their full potential. Our own consulting business is rapidly growing through franchising. Would you like to learn more? Click here.

Franchise Development Services

We can help you evaluate the potential for franchising in your established business, then assist you through business planning, financing, marketing and more.  Visit here for details.

 Featured Business and Consulting Service Providers

Eagle's Nest Homes
Eagle’s Nest Homes, Inc.
205 Eagle’s Nest Drive
GA 30114
Tel: 800 579 1079
For more information, click here

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